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Weather you like them or not what is you honest opinions on the white sox going to the playoffs?

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    im a twins fan and i hate the sox but as much as i hate to admit it the twins and the sox are both out its going to be the tigers

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    As of today, they are now 5 games back of the Tigers, with about 20 left to play, including 6 vs. the Tigers. Anything can happen, thats why they play the games. Its interesting that while the Tigers seem to be slipping as of late, the Sox seem to be winning more often than not.

    The Sox need to "get on a roll" though ( something they have not done all year long) and win 7 or 8 out of ten. They need continued production out of Beckham, Podsednik, Kotsay, Pryzenski, and Getz...and hope that Konerko, Quentin, Dye, and Ramirez make occasional contributions. And it sure would be nice if Rios eventually wakes up and realizes they are in a pennant race.

    Their starting pitching still seems strong with Floyd, Danks, and Buerhle, plus the resurgence of Freddie Garcia, but their bullpen has been struggling lately. If their offense can get them a lead of 3-4 runs by the late innings, it wont matter if the bullpen gives up a run or two.

    This is a pretty good team on paper, if only they can play up to their potential, I would think they have a pretty good shot at overtaking the Tigers, especially with 6 head to head games the last week of the season. If the Sox get close in the next week or so, look for them to activate Jake Peavy, he could make a big difference.

    The X factor is going to be the Twins, the Sox have 3 left against them, while the Tigers have 6. The Twins are still in this race too and will be playing for the Central crown as well.

    One thing is for certain however, the winner of the AL central will not win it by the current 5-6 game margin the Tigers now have, it will be alot closer than that.

    C'mon you White Sox!

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    Well the Sox have 19 games compared to the Tigers 21.

    If the Tigers play 1 game under five hundred for the rest of the year they would be 10-11.

    This mean the White Sox would have to go 15-4. The Twins would have to do slightly better than that.

    To me that doesn't look too good, but anything can happen.

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    The chances are remote that the White Sox can close enough ground on the Tigers to win the division.And that is the only chance they have.No wild card from that division.They(White Sox) are not a very good road team and that is where they are right now.The two young pitchers they were counting on,Danks and Floyd,have been wildly inconsistent.Mark Buerhle has one win since the perfect game.Freddy Garcia hasn't been around long enough to know what to expect and they don't have a fifth starter.With only 20 games to play,every game counts and they can't afford a bad outing from any of the 5.Then take Alex Rios and his .150 something average so far,J.D. hitting .250 and without the power numbers that you expect from him,Carlos Quentin hitting .230 and it doesn't look good on the south side.

    But stranger things have happened,like the Mets blowing the 1969 Cubs out of the water.In the words of the immortal Andy The Clown; "Let's Go,You White Sox"

    If fans of the Cubs have kept the faith for a hundred or so years,maybe you White Sox fans could learn something from from that.

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    The White Sox won 3 of 4 from the Yankees earlier this year, so I guess it ain't a moot point. The AL is bad this year, the playoffs may actually be interesting for a change (Until a team gets swept by the Phillies in the World Series).

    --And yes the White Sox have a chance, but it ain't really good.

  • I think the Tigers will make it, but the Tigers haven't been doing too well, so I guess if the White Sox play really well, and the Tigers continue to play the way they are, anything's possible.

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    Can any of the three contenders defeat the Yankees in a 5-game series? If not, it's a bit of a mute point.

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    i kind of like them but they are not going to make the playoffs

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    probly a 5 and 100 chance....

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    as good a chance as Minnesota has.

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