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who has the rights to the beatles ?

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    actually his estate only owns 25% of the catalog,sony owns the rest.plus paul owns 4 songs that weren't part of the original catalog.the real question is will the estate have to sell what they have left of the catalog considering the michael jackson was massively in debt at the time of his death?in fact that was why he sold half of it to sony in the 90's and the other 25% a few years ago was to cover his debts(including his very massive legal bills).

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    Contrary to what Skeeter said, Michael Jackson STILL owns 50% of the Sony/ATV Music Catalog, which includes the Beatles' music with the exception of the few songs Paul McCartney owns. Since Michael has passed, the catalog is owned by his estate.

    Edit| To the person below me, where are you getting your information from? Michael owns 50%, 50/100, 1/2, .5 of the Sony/ATV catalog. His "massive" debt was highly sensationalized. Stop believing everything you read and/or hear. Michael used the catalog as collateral, but he NEVER sold his stake in the catalog.

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    Last I heard MJ had to borrow money against it so he only has a small share of it now.. The bank owns the rest of it..

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    michael jackson did he out bid paul in the 80s that's why they stopped being good friends.

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    It was Michael Jackson. Currently, it is undecided.

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    It was Michael jackson. Who has it now...i don't know.

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    i know michael has the rights of thire songs

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    their music? their movies? their haircuts?

  • well MJ holds there catalog..........sooooooooooooooo...............

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