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Do markers give you breast cancer?

I am a women with breast cancer and i usd to touch my breasts and write over them with markers all the time and use them in ways i dont even wanna say did i get my breast cancer from that?

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    Well here's a funny thing Arthak - Immediately after posting this question you posted two more, and in both you said you were a 12 year old boy worried, respectively, about your penis and your weight.

    This forum is used by people who are genuinely dealing with this filthy, life threatening disease. Some are dying, some are going through hideous and grueling treatments in an effort to survive, some are waiting terrified for results, and some are watching their partner, parent or child die.

    The cancer you have chosen to make particular fun of is a hideous disease with grueling and disfiguring treatments and no known cure. In the US alone, an average of 112 women a day die from it - that's one every fifteen minutes.

    So bored kiddies pretending to have cancer are not welcome here - go play somewhere else.

    In case someone reading your question is worried by your crap: breast cancer, like all other cancers, happens when normal cells change so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. This uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form.

    No hands, writing implements or any other external thing can trigger this process.

    Source(s): I HAVE had breast cancer
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    Tumor markers are not a reliable indicator in early stage breast cancer (meaning, other than stage 4). They are not recommended in the Standards of Care used by ASCO. If your oncologist uses them, it is against the recommendations of his professional organization. I wouldn't worry too much. Many things can cause marker numbers to rise. That's why they are considered unreliable for early stage breast cancer.

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    No scientific documented evidence exists that using markers on your breasts has ever given anyone breast cancer.

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    No, markers do not cause breast cancer by any means.

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    Recent studies have shown that women that draw on their "breasts" with marker, pen, pencil, ETC. Have show a 0.00000000001% increase in cancerous cells. And other studies show that if you eat monkey feces, the cancerous cells will go away.

  • I doubt it. Most breast cancer studys have shown, age, genetics, and hormones to cause breast cancer. So dont beat yourself up over it. It was nothing you done. Dont worry.

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    I have never heard of getting cancer from using markers on yourself.

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  • Anonymous
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    Not unless there was some sort of carcinogen in the ink but that's highly unlikely.

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    At this point Would not worry how i got but use all my energy to fight it

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    No way! That's some stupid thing someone made up to sound smart.

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