can i get into unc chapel hill?

im sophomore in high school. (in north carolina)

im asian i came to us when i was in 8th grade..

so my english was really bad so i screwed my freshman year....

i took all honors and weighted gpa is 3.6 and unweighted gpa is 3.1

and no clubs or sports team but i did a lot of community service..

but this year im trying out for swim team and hosa, deca, and the other clubs and trying to get straight a...

if i work hard from now on is there a possibility to get into unc???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your college essay gives you an oppurtunity to explain the challenges you faced adjusting to a new place. They will surely understand the difficulty you had freshman year. I know that chapel hill can be impossible to get into out of state but i've heard its pretty easy in state. So you should be ok... hope i helped!

  • 4 years ago

    I'm a present UNC pupil. Only an overly small percent of authorised pupils are out of state. So you relatively must make your self stand out to get in. You must get your scan ratings up. Try for an 1800 a minimum of. Also, that failed elegance goes to harm you. If it was once an AP or tuition stage elegance, it may not seem as unhealthy as only a HS direction. You want management enjoy. Its pleasant you are in such a lot of golf equipment however truthfully it might be greater so that you can be elbow deep in a couple of (in case your in reaaallly deep into eight--holy crap you are high-quality). You nonetheless have time! you are just a junior. Senior 12 months is whats predominant. relatively get in the market and check out. Bottom line: you are in the back of. paintings your a$$ off and you continue to have a hazard

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