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What kind of milk is best for a 12 month old coming off formula?

I always assumed whole milk, but a friend gives her 12 month old vitamin D milk, and I read an article the other day suggesting low-fat milk. Suggestions?

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    since all young children at that age's brain hasn't fully developed yet they need the extra fat whole milk has to offer (b.t.w. vitamen D and Whole milk is the same thing) don't worry that ur child will get fat...they need the extra fat till they are about 3-4 yrs of age...then put them on 2 % for a year, then 1 % and finally when he/she is about 6 or 7 skim milk...low fat milk at that age doesn't have enough nutrients that a young toddler that age needs! :) So to start off I would do whole milk so he/she has the best nutrients!

    good luck!

    Source(s): my mom's friend has 3 girls....ages 7,5 and 1 on the way and she told me this...she feeds all of them whole milk!
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    The health department & my Dr. said Whole milk till age 2 -They need the fat & vitamins in this milk after 2 -2% They are now eating things that gives them this Fat & vitamin-my kids also take a multi-vit (kids)

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    most drs recommend whole milk (4% fat).

    and if i'm not mistaken i think it has a sufficient amount of vit. D in it.

    i would not suggest low fat cuz first off babies need the lipids (fat) that whole milk provides and secondly going from formula to low fat can give babies terrible diarrhea.

    (after a few months of whole milk then the transition to low fat is much easier)

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    whole milk is best for them to start with for about 6 months because their bodies need the milk fat still but eventually around 18-24 months switch to 2% then eventually fat free milk. the older they get the less fat they need and magazines say use fat free or low fat because for the obesity rate in children

    Source(s): mom of 2
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    Low fat is for fat (obese) babies, babies need whole milk 12-24 months as their brains are growing at a tremendous rate and they need the cholesterol to make myelin to wrap the neuron in.

    Don't skimp on his brain growth.

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    Vitamin D is definitely the best. If your still not sure ask your pediatrician.

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    you should give your child full cream milk, not UHT, until there at least two as their digestive systems are not fully developed until then, then you can give low fat or UHT

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