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TRD supercharger for camry LE 2001 v6 engine?

Hi i am looking to buy a trd supercharger and can't find a website that sells them for my car. I know they make them so if you could help me find a website that sells them, you will get rewarded with 10 points.


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    Try Toyosports. They have the TRD supercharger listed for the 1997-2000 Camry V6 but I don't think that the 2001s are any different since '01 was the last year of that vintage. In other markets, the '01 design was our '02 design. Check with your Toyota dealer Parts Dept. first on the changes though. Here's the website:

    Good luck.

    I hope this helps.

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    Toyota Camry Trd Supercharger

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    Count the numbers of cylinders? It's probably gonna have a i4 DOHC Edit: I checked toyota specs. The LE Auto only comes in 3.5l V6, the ones with the manual gearbox are i4 DOHC, so yes, you have a V6.

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    Try contacting I get all my parts from them (because they are cheaper than my local dealer). If you don't see what you need on their website, shoot them an email and can get you what you need. Good luck.

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