Name most superstars who died and reason?

Name most of them

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    This are the wrestlers who passed away in 2009:

    Cousin Junior, Paul E. Normous, Jim Wilson, Renato Torres, Robert Bruce, The Beast, Test, Steve Doll, Rick Crabtree, Abismo , Ted Grizzly, Playboy Buddy Rose, Princess Jasmine, John Tolos, Mitsuharu Misawa, Billy Red Lyons, Bud Osborne, La Parkita, Espectrito Jr., Waldo Von Erich, Takashi Matsunaga, Butcher Brannigan

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    there are a lot, like chris benoit, and eddie guerrero, he died coz he accidently took an overdose in sumfin, then peerry saturn went missing and ppl think hes ded in a gutter sumwer idk.... yokozuna died in october 2000 i think, big bossman, heart attack (which was a shame coz he was only in his 40s) and crash holly, i was sad bout crash dying coz he was a reely nice guy and he had a big haert!

    i wish eddie and benoit and all i mentioned didnt die, i men it reely sucks coz i like em all

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    # David Von Erich--February 2, 1984--Died of enteritis (acute inflammation of the intestine)

    # Vince McMahon, Sr.: May 27, 1984--Died from Cancer.

    # Adrian Adonis: July 4, 1988--Died when a mini van drove off a cliff into a lake.

    # Bruiser Brody--July 17, 1988--Stabbed to death in a locker room fight with another wrestler.

    # Haystacks Calhoun: December 7, 1989--Complications from diabetes.

    # Dick the Bruiser--November 10, 1991--Died of internal bleeding after rupturing a blood vessel while weight lifting.

    # Buzz Sawyer--February 7, 1992--Died of a drug overdose.

    # Andre The Giant: January 27, 1993--Died of a heart attack.

    # Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich: February 18, 1993--Committed suicide.

    # Dino Bravo: March 11, 1993--Died of gunshot wounds in his living room.

    # Joey Marella (WWF Referee/Gorilla Monsoon's Son): July 4, 1994--Died in motorcycle accident.

    # Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell--January 22, 1995--Died of complications from injuries sustained in a road accident.

    # Big John Studd: March 20, 1995--Died of liver cancer.

    # Ray Stevens--May 3, 1996--Died of heart failure.

    # Dick Murdoch--June 14, 1996--Died of heart failure.

    # Sapphire: September 10, 1996--Died from a heart attack.

    # Dr. Bill Miller--March 24, 1997--Died of heart failure.

    # Stan Stasiak: June 12, 1997--Died from heart failure.

    # Dick "Bulldog" Brower--September 15, 1997--Died of heart failure.

    # Brian Pillman: October 5, 1997--Died from arteriosclerotic heart disease.

    # Bobo Brazil: January 20, 1998--Died from complications from a stroke.

    # Louie Spicolli: February 15, 1998--Died from arteriosclerotic heart disease caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy syndrome.

    # Junk Yard Dog: June 2, 1998--Died in a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel.

    # Sky Low Low [famous midget wrestler]: November 9, 1998--heart failure.

    # Shohei "Giant" Baba: January 31, 1999--Died of colon cancer.

    # Rick Williams [Renegade in WCW]: February 23, 1999--Died from suicide.

    # Ravishing Rick Rude: April 20, 1999--Died from heart attack.

    # Owen Hart: May 23, 1999--Died from 50 foot fall from ceiling to ring.

    # Brian Hildebrand (WCW Referee Mark Curtis) (37)--September 8, 1999--Died after a two year battle with stomach cancer.

    # Gorilla Monsoon (62)--October 5, 1999--Died from a heart attack.

    # Bobby Duncum, Jr (34)--January 24, 2000--Drug overdose.

    # Gordon Solie (71)July 27, 2000--Died from cancer.

    # Toru Tanaka (70)--August 22, 2000--Died from a heart attack.

    # Yokozuna (34)--October 22, 2000--Died from a heart attack.

    # Johnny Valentine (72)--April 24, 2001--Natural Causes.

    # Tex McKenzie --May 31, 2001--Died of an aortic aneurysm.

    # Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (40)--July 16, 2001--Blood clot in the heart.

    # Rhonda Singh (40) --August 2, 2001--Drug Overdose which caused a Heart Attack

    # Blaise Alexander (WCW race car driver) (25) --October 4, 2001--Complications from a head injury received in a car race.

    # "Gentleman" Chris Adams (46)--October 7, 2001--Shot to death.

    # Helen Hart--November 4, 2001--Complications from a seizure.

    # Russ Haas (27)--December 15, 2001--Heart Attack.

    # Wahoo McDaniels (63)--April 18, 2002--Died from complications from renal failure and diabetes.

    # Lou Thesz (86)--April 28, 2002--Died from natural causes after heart surgery earlier in the year.

    # Randy Anderson (42)--May 5, 2002--Cancer

    # Big Dick Dudley (36)--May 16, 2002--Kidney failure

    # "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith (39) --May 18, 2002--Died from a heart attack.

    # Rocco Rock of Public Enemy (49)--September 21, 2002--Heart Attack.

    # "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig (44)--February 10, 2003--acute cocaine intoxication.

    # Miss Elizabeth (42)--May 1, 2003--Died from a combination of alcohol and painkillers.

    # "Classy" Freddie Blassie ((85)--June 2, 2003--Unknown

    # Stu Hart (88)--October 16, 2003--Natural Causes

    # Hawk [Michael Hegstrand] (46)-- October 19, 2003--Heart Attack

    # Crash Holly (32)--November 6, 2003--Drug overdose

    # Larry "Moondog Spot" Booker (51)--November 29, 2003--Collapsed in the ring

    # Malice/The Wall [Jerry Tuite] (37)--December 6, 2003--acute heart attack

    # Jack Tunney (69)--January 24, 2004--Heart attack

    # Hercules "Hernandez" (46)--March 6, 2004--Died in his sleep.

    # James Dudley (93)-- June 1, 2004--Died of natural causes.

    # Ray "Big Bossman" Traylor (41)--September 22, 2004--Heart failure.

    # Chris Candido (33)--April 28, 2005--Blood clot and complications due to surgery.

    # Lord Alfred Hayes (76)--July 21, 2005--Complications from a series of strokes.

    # Moondog King [Ed "Sailor" White (56)]--August 26, 2005--Complications from Car Accident

    # Eddie Guerrero (37)--November 13, 2005--Enlarged Heart due to years of drug use.

    # Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy (39)--February 16, 2006--Complications from Sleep Apnea.

    # John Tenta [Earthquake] (42)--June 7, 2006--bladder cancer.

    # Bam Bam Bigelow [Scott Bigelow] (45)--January 19, 2007--Drugs.

    # Mike Awesome (42)--February 17, 2007--Apparent Suicide.

    # Bad News Brown (63)--March 6, 2007--Heart Attack

    # "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd (68)--March 10, 2007--Cancer

    # "Sensational" Sherri (Martel) (49)--June 15, 2007--Accidental overdose.

    # Nancy "Women" (Sullivan) Benoit (43)--June 25, 2007--Strangulation. Died at home with Chris Benoit and their son Daniel (Suffocation).

    # Chris Benoit (40)--June 25, 2007--Suicide by Hanging

    # Brian "Crush" Adams (43)--August 13, 2007--Overdose of prescription medications.

    # The Missing Link (Dewey Robertson) (68)--August 16, 2007--Died from cancer

    # Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison) (84)--November 3, 2007--Complications due to surgery.

    # Gary Hart (66) March 16, 2008-- Heart Attack

    # Walter "Killer" Kowalski (81) August 30, 2008--Complications from Heart Attack

    # S.D. Jones (63) October 26, 2008-- Stroke

    # Andrew "Test" Martin (33) March 13, 2009 - accidental overdose of Oxycodone.

    # "Playboy" Buddy Rose (56) April 28, 2009

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