I can't find airsoft gun magazines?

When I go to website like airsplat, hobbytron, airsoft gi, and so on... I see a great gun I want, but usually I can't find extra magazines for it.

do all guns have compatible magazines? where can I find a website with the guns AND magazines?

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    Not all guns have spare magazines. When I shop on airsplat.com if there is not an additional mag. in the right had side column , then that usually means they do not have one available. When shopping at other places if might look like mag is compatible with rifles, but I would check out the details before purchasing it, to make sure it fits your rifle

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    Get it at Airsplat! They have great service, really fast shipping and the best prices online - GUARANTEED!!

    If you go to a gun that you like and click on the "More Info" tab below the picture it will take you to a page that is specific to that gun. On the right hand side of that page will be a column marked "Add-Ons / Accessories". Any compatible magazines for that gun will be listed there.

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    Typically, Airsplat.com will have an add ons and accessories column for extra mags that are compatible for the guns when you click on the product profile or the picture of the gun. Some guns don't have spare mags available. If it does have a magazine for the gun, Airsplat will have it, otherwise the manufacturer doesn't offer them.

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    I love the two people who answered this question. just a word for you so you know later on: if it is not a springer gun, or low powered aeg (toy) or gas, and it is a skrimishable AEG, then most likely, any AEG magazine that is for that type of gun (g36 in this case) will work. any m4 AEG mag will work with any M4 AEG for example. and also, to make it simple, the gun you are looking at is a JG g36. the magazine you are looking at is the echo 1 g36 high cap mag. jg (jing gong) is the brand. echo 1 is the brand. g36 is the type of gun. aeg is the type of airsoft gun. high cap means it holds a reservoir of bbs and is fed into a chamber and into the barrel by winding a gear on the bottom of the magazine and ussualy holds hundreds of bb's. a mid cap magazine is a mag that you load bb's into the nozzle on the mag and a spring pushes the bbs you put in, directly into the barrel and ussualy holds more than the real steal gun but less than the highcap. a low cap mag is a replica magazine of the real steel gun's magazine and holds the same amount of bb's as the gun holds bullets. (m4 high cap holds 300, mid holds 100-130, low holds 30. actual m4 holds 30 bullets)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    could you name some of the guns you like,

    there are a lot of campatible magazines for different guns usually

    If you like any type of M4 or AK, usually Tokyo Marui Magazines are compatible. If you like lesser known of guns, it can be pretty easy to find extra mags

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