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i have my immigration case approved I-130 i seen on comp status?

after the case approved what procedure be te next


i am in pakistan my wife sponsered me she is U S born citizen i lived in usa for 16 years i been married 15 yrs

Update 2:

i heard the approval comes with visa #

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    It depens, If you reside inside the US, you will have to file for adjustment of status form I-485 and will get your green card here. But if you reside outside the US, you'll have to wait untill the national visa center send you a package to aplly for a visa. Depending on your case, it could take a few months to several years before you get a visa.

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    Just because the I-130 is approved does not mean that there is a visa available immediately. Depending on your relationship to the person who sponsored you, and that person's immigration status, it could be many years more you'll have to wait.

    When was the I-130 filed?

    What is your relationship to the petitioner?

    Is the petitioner a US citizen?

    What country are you from?

    Are you in the US now, or outside the US?

    You need to answer these questions.

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