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My 2 best friends are fighting what should they do?

ok, so Sally and Jenny have been best friends forever. They have never been on the same school bus, but this year for 8th grade they are. Sally really don't have any other friends on the bus, but Jenny has one of her close friends Gill. Gill is not nice to Sally, but Jenny loves her. So during the summer Sally and Jenny decided to sit with each other all the time on the bus it'd be great. Anyway, on the first day, Jenny said she would save Sally a seat. Sally got on in the morning and Jenny was sitting with Gill and another girl she was friends with Tiff. She told Sally it wasn't her fault, Tiff sat down there and she couldn't tell her to move. So then in the afternoon, Sally saved a seat for Jenny. They sat together and it was just like the plan. Then the next morning Tiff sat elsewhere, so Sally was lucky to sit with her bff. That afternoon, Sally sat down in a seat, and Gill and Jenny came on. Jenny sat on the end,and gill sat in between them. Gill and Jenny talked and laughed and whispered the whole time, and Sally was holding back tears. What shoud they do?

a)sit together like the plan

b)sit with Gill everyday and Sally would be sad

c)sally should just sit alone every day

d)Sometimes Jenny could sit with Sally, sometimes with Gill

please answer this asap! sorry it's long. my friends are complicated

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    the answer is A ....... if you tell someone your going to do something.. DO SO!

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    well it kinda sounds like jennys stuck in the middle! hasent she ever heard this ryme? Make new friends but KEEP the old one is silver the other gold? it sounds like theyre making Sally and Gill jelous of each other? Just tell them how you feel!!! like i did that when two of my best were fighting! i showed them exactly how mean theyre being and how much it hurts to the other person!!! so show them how immature and rude theyre being!!! ok well good luck!! and maybe you should go sit wtih jenny when sallys with gill? but if your one of them (Jenny, Sally, or Gill) i suggest speaking ur opinion because no one can hear you unless you speak.

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    I was once like them. My bff was with the friend we both hate. She kept talking to her. I hold back my tears. When I can't hold back anymore, I went off to the another place. My bff didn't even came and find me. I feel so sad. Then, I went home and cry. But, Sally must be thick skinned now! She must just snatch the place from Gill. Or she could talk to Jenny just like me.

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    they should talk and work it out.

    can sally and gill not try and be friends?

    can't sally make other friends aswell?

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