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Is this $180000 business good or not?

Dear reader,

I'm interested to live in America legally.

I'm interested to buy a van and work as a coffee salesman.

Buying a van costs $180000.

Is it a good business?

have you or your friends experience this business?

This is its website"


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It very well could be a good business but make sure you compare to others and check other financing options. You can put some of that money as a down payment and finance the rest.

    we do financing for trucks like this for people all the time. Read on -my office email is at the bottom.

    I work for a great company that has an office in California and is nationwide and this is what we do. We get funding for businesses and franchises thru banks that have programs designed for exactly that so we get as good as deals as anybody.

    We have funded many of these deals, we are funding a guy right now that is opening a Taco Bell. Our office has a great support staff (processors) and we communicate help you every step of the way.

    We have an "A rating with the BBB. The reason I bring up the BBB "A" rating is because you need to go with an honest company. People come to us after being burned by banks who are slow or bad money lenders that promise deals take down payments but then dont follow thru. If that happens people complain the to BBB and it will list the number of complaints. The last client that compared us to someone else found out the other company had 27 complaints. We had zero! Of course he went with us and we were proud to help him.

    Here's a link to our Better Business Bureau rating:

    The first thing I need to do is get a profile of your business by asking a few questions to see what options you have, and how much flexibility you have.You can just write the answers in below and shoot it back to me. I know some stuff you dont know yet but just we can fill that part in later.Then when I get in the office tomorrow I will match your profile with some of our programs and get back to you with your best options.

    1. Name and location of business?

    2. Start up date ?

    3. What type? Food truck

    4. How much does the equipment cost? i.e 180k?

    5. How soon are you purchasing?

    6. Howz your Credit?

    Again, you will see we have zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau and an "A" rating. . We have referrals of business owners etc...

    Thanks and have a good evening and please email me your contact info and call me anytime.

    Julian Ford

    P: 800-420-2415 Ext. 240

    F: 949-715-0913

    Commercial Capital Associates, Inc.

    "A" Rating with BBB

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  • 1 decade ago

    I hope you have one to many zeros in your number. No, $180,000 is ridiculous. Bearclaw is a very small franchise primarily in Michigan only, so they cannot assign a large fee to the name. I would expect a fully equipped van to cost no more than around $50K, maybe an additional $10K for initial training and support. After that, as a franchisee, you would pay a percentage of your revenue back to the company. This price is way too high..

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  • fenner
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    It basically proves that they must be extra careful. i'm effective the incentive for the own loan replaced into honourable. Tourism is a significant business company in Scotland. it form of feels the recession between different issues, led to this to flop. What are you able to do eh? You win some, you lose some. can not continuously be rosy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here is a good article which may help further. Good luck.

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