Do you HAVE to be japanese to have a great manga?

I remember reading an article somewhere that kinda said American people have NO chance of having a popular manga unless there were Japanese (thus, could draw true japanese manga style).

This really hurts my self-confidence, as I'm an American black girl working on a manga & I got no japanese friends who could draw it for me. :(

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    That's total BS. I'll tell you a little story explaining why-

    Svetlana Chmakova (born 1979 in Russia) is a comic creator. She is best known for her Dramacon Original English Language (OEL) manga published by TOKYOPOP, the 2-page The Adventures of CG for CosmoGIRL! magazine and the webcomic Chasing Rainbows for Girlamatic. Though born in Russia, she emigrated to Canada, where she graduated from the Sheridan College Classical Animation program, in 2002. She then began to publish her manga on the Internet, where her works were found by CosmoGirl! magazine.

    Currently, Dramacon has been translated into 12 different languages, including Japanese, and has gained world renowned sucess. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution described Dramacon as "surprisingly true-to-life (and occasionally harrowing) emotional drama and humor ... Creator Svetlana Chmakova doesn't skimp on character development or plot progression. Her art is top-notch as well, outstripping even many of her Japanese inspirations with clear storytelling and polished technique."

    Her current project, Nightschool, is being run in the Yen Plus+ Magazine, and has also been recognized for her talent in the manga-making world. Svet has also been asked to work on a new animated series called "My Life Me". And this is just the start of her career.

    What I'm saying is: Don't let people keep you down from following your dreams. Just because someone says you can't achieve something, DOES NOT mean you have to take that to heart. Keep working on your manga. Never let anyone tell you otherwise :) I wish you the best of luck.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Im an American black dude and im whipping up my manga now, they probably say that because no other races have been commercially successful at it I haven't heard of any but, naw if you have great ideas for a manga anybody should be heard. Also you can learn to draw authentically like they do too it takes time and patience but, you'll get it eventually I first started drawing my DBZ movie covers (ahh the good ol' days) that's how learned various styles and techniques. If you keep at it, drawing and sketching, you'll be able to draw your own mangas don't get anyone else to do it because I wouldn't want somebody taking credit for my ideas and hard work, peace :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Learn how to draw Japanese manga. Then get real good at it, and become very creative if your aren't already. You'll probably have to be in Japan to have a chance of submitting your manga, and an even smaller chance of it getting accepted. But there's a chance, and if you actually want to be a mangaka, you'll take that chance even if it's one in a million.

    Like I said, you'll have to be in Japan, but you don't have to be Japanese. You just have to love manga.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't give up what you want to do just because someone said you have no chance. On the contrary, prove them that they're wrong! Even if you're Japanese, becoming a successful mangaka is incredibly hard. You might actually have a higher chance as an American. Ganbatte!

    [I want to be an author ^_^]

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