Thinking about taking diet pills?? Do diet pills affect the effectiveness of birth control pills?

I've been thinking about taking diet pills.. I don't want to lose too much weight either. My weight right now is 124 and I would like to lose 5 or 6lbs. Im also taking birth control pills, and Im not really sure if taking diet pills would somehow have a affect the effectiveness of the birth control pill. Anyone know??

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    No it shouldn't affect them. It will say so on the diet pills if it does anyway.

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    i don't think that it should have any affect on the birth control pills. But I would check with your pharmacist just to make sure, since some meds can affect them.

    I know you probably don't want to hear this (or have already heard it a million times...) but diet pills, if they work at all, only work temporarily. You either just lose water weight, or they contain things that work like caffeine and speed up your metabolism momentarily. Personally, I wouldn't use them just because of the risk of side effects, but obviously the choice is up to you.

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    Well,,, i have been told they can effect your BC pills! certain herbs and weird stuff they put in diet pills can alter them. Just ask the pharmacist where you pick them up (if there is a pharmacy in the store) if it will be a bad idea. They will know - Usually and most likely they wont affect them much, but i would be on the safe side and ask.

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    Diet pills are intended for those who are looking to lose alot more than 5-6 pounds. Plus they are bullshit lol. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for others, the only good way to lose weight is to exercise and eat healthy.

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    I do not know but diet pills are BS and psychological. If you want them to work, they will work because YOU lost the weight on your own.

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