Is this website legit for concert tickets?

I am looking to buy Marianas Trench concert tickets. I checked,, and other websites but they do not have them for my city.

I googled it and found but I have never heard of it before and it looks a bit sketchy. Does anybody know if they are legit?

I want to make sure, before I buy the tickets. They are only $17 each but I am buying 4 so I want to make sure I am not being ripped off.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    personally like you i find the design of their website sketchy as well, so i don't blame you. however they are legit, you can tell when a link has https:// instead of http:// in your address bar. that means it's a secure connection, your payment is being submitted via a secure connection, no hackers malware or individuals will get your info

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