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what is the responsability of the secretary of defense?

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    The US Secretary of Defense shall be responsible for:

    (1) develop and maintain the supply catalog, and the standardization program, described in section 2451 of this title;

    (2) direct and coordinate progressive use of the supply catalog in all supply functions within the Department of Defense from the determination of requirements through final disposal;

    (3) direct, review, and approve-(A) the naming, description, and pattern of description of all items;

    (B) the screening, consolidation, classification, and numbering of descriptions of all items; and

    (C) the publication and distribution of the supply catalog;

    (4) maintain liaison with industry advisory groups to coordinate the development of the supply catalog and the standardization program with the best practices of industry and to obtain the fullest practicable cooperation and participation of industry in developing the supply catalog and the standardization program;

    (5) establish, publish, review, and revise, within the Department of Defense, military specifications, standards, and lists of qualified products, and resolve differences between the military departments, bureaus, and services with respect to them;

    (6) assign responsibility for parts of the cataloging and the standardization programs to the military departments, bureaus, and services within the Department of Defense, when practical and consistent with their capacity and interest in those supplies;

    (7) establish time schedules for assignments made under clause (6); and

    (8) make final decisions in all matters concerned with the cataloging and standardization programs.

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    Unfortunately Colin Powell lost all creditability when Bush used him as a puppet to convince the American people that Iraq was truly a threat. I think Wesley Clark would be a good choice for Defense Secretary.

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    The military preparedness of this country to defend itself and to militarily to handle adversaries on the world stage. In other words be ready to defend ourselves at home and wage war anywhere any time in the world.

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    Under the Magic NGROW, his responsibilities include cowering and apologising.


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