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cannot remove guest password in win-xp :(?

hi, one of my friend messed up with guest account and put in a password.

what he did was went to my computer->magage->local user and group->user & set password for guest but he didnt entered anything & just press yes when the warning come... that is what he told me.

and now i cannot enter guest. even pressing enter doesnt work beside that i dont know what to enter as password.

what i did is use these commands

1. net user guest *

2. control userpasswords2

using these commands to remove guest password failed. the result shows 'success' but when entering guest it still ask for password.

pls help me out. actually this is quite interesting problem :) i m trying to work it out myself but a help is always welcome.

thank you.


@ steven & re

both doesnt work. still keeps asking for password which was never typed in first place :(

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    The convenient and easy way is to use the Windows Password Reset that can do all the job for you within a few minutes automatically! it can reset any account's password !

  • Boot up computer as Administrator:


    1.) Restart Computer

    2.) Jam F-4 F-8 and F-10 Repeatedly to get the boot menu options.

    3.) If step 2 doesn't work and it boots into windows, force the computer off by holding down the power switch, than skip ahead to 5

    4.) If step 2 worked, skip ahead to 10

    5.) Turn on the computer once more, and hit no buttons, it should ask you what you want to do since the comp lost power out of no where.

    6.) Go to safe mode.

    7.) Select Administrator, this shouldn't have a password, as this is the safe mode admin services user.

    8.) Go to Control Panel, select user accounts, Select the "Guest" account and hit remove password.

    9.) Profit

    10.) Choose "Safe Mode", than go to step 7.

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    if you can go to your administrater account then use it and put new password for the guest account, then previous one will itself removed.

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