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I have a problem?????

so. im sorry if this is really long, but i really need some advice. i used to go to the same school as my friend, and since i moved (almost 9 months ago) we have gotten even closer. i recenty went to high school, and i thought i was having a great time. i love my teachers and classes, and i have made a couple of new friends. i thought life was great, until i talked to my friend. she spends so much time now talking about how great her school is, and how 2 guys asked her out, and how she is sooo popular now, and it makes me feel like such a dork. i was happy just having hot guys in my class, until i found out that she was hanging out with hot guys. and i dont have that many friends. i have only talked to, like, 3 guys so far....

it made me feel like my high school experience at high school so far has beeb a joke. and im a reallllllllllly jelous person. and it gets really annoying when she talks non stop about how great her life is. and since HS started, even though it has only been a week, i feel like we have goton a lot less close. i think she is gonna be way to busy with her new cool popular friends to spend time with me.....

so my questions are...

do i sound soo pathetic?

should i sit back and let my friend talk about how happy she is?

do i tell her how i feel?

do i just let ourselves drift appart?

any other ideas or advice??

thank you soooo much.

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    you might be over exaggerating..

    you should chill a bit..

    and be happy with what you've got.

    and you shouldnt listen to your friend blab on about her life!

    tell her about yours!

    i mean just because the guys dont really talk to you,

    you should still be happy with what you've got.

    oh and there is no such things as POPULAR at a school.

    (trust me i know. any experience from a private school..)

    it only depends on how many people you know.

    and dont try too hard or people wont want to hang out with you.

    why dont you get involved? (to the school i mean..)

    it'll help you be more noticed if that's what you want.

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    First of all I don't think you're pathetic and and secondly I think you should tell her how you feel, if she is truly your friend she will understand. But don't get in her face about it and demand that she stop talking about it right away, just let her know you feel calmly and try to explain to her why you feel this way. I hope this helps!

    Source(s): I recently went through something like this over the summer. My friend has became really close to all of her guy friends and had some...escapeds with them; and now thats the only thing she talks about.
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    this happended to me t the beginning of the year last year, but we went to the same school, she got asked out by like 6 guys, and i am not joking, literally. i was the dorker one the one who is like the tall no make up noon pretty one and she is the short make up skinny really pretty gal. i eventually told her that i was feeling left and and all that crap and now we are even closer then before

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    Maybe she lied. Because she knows your cool and she wants to make you think she is cool to. GL Frosh.

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    I think you are just really jealous and since you are focusing on her you aren't noticing that you could be like her. Talk to more guys and be yourself. =]

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    I think you should tell how you feel or else you will drift apart

    hope i helped

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    just be yourself

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