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What other types of fish get along with this fish?

paradise fish ?

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    Male paradise fish should be kept apart, since they will fight aggressively by locking jaws. A male can be kept with females; females may also be kept together in groups. A tank that includes paradise fish should be at least 2.5 gallons in size for a single male or 20-30 gallons for a community tank. The tank should be well planted and covered; bogwood and rockwork may be included. Paradise Fish are often aggressive thus tankmates must be chosen with care. Suitable tankmates include giant danios, large tetras, most smaller catfishes and even some of the less aggressive cichlids, such as firemouth cichlids.They can hold their own against most South American cichlid species of a similar size, that aren't overly aggressive. Slow moving or long finned fish such as fancy goldfish and freshwater angelfish are likely to be attacked, bettas and gouramis may also be victimized due to their resemblance to paradise fish. Male paradise fish may also attempt to court female bettas and gouramis. Small fish less than 3 cm are likely to be consumed. Males are particularly aggressive and should not be kept with slow fish or fish with long, flowing finnage which is commonly shredded by the territorial paradise. If kept with signifigantly larger but non aggressive fish, such as geophagus cichlids, large synodntis catfishes, or larger gouramis, they are usually submissive and do not act nearly as aggressive as if they are the dominant species in the aquarium. However. f the larger fish are also aggressive, they will not even attempt to fight and will take to hiding behind filters, plants, or in decor, and will succumb to stress.

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    A paradise fish is a type of gourami, and I have had luck keeping them with many other species of gourami.

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