what causes a person to have high and low blood pressure?

symptoms cause form low and high bloodpressure.

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    High blood pressure. Hypertension is the $12 word for high blood pressure, which mean your heart is working overtime. It's usually defined as any blood pressure reading higher than 140/90. The 140 refer to how hard your heart is pumping out blood, and the 90 refer to-how quickly it's filling back up.

    Doctor can rarely tell you what causes high blood pressure unless it's related to an underlying But they can tell you that those over the age of 45 with high blood pressure are three times as likely to have a heart attack, six time as likely to have heart failure and seven times as likely to experience a stroke as those with lower pressure.What ever the underlying causes for High blood pressure or hypertension, it's a disease that shortens lives by an average of 10 to 20 years.

    Source(s): LiSTEN TO YOUR BODY by the Editors of PREVENTION Magazine
  • 4 years ago

    three years in the past, I used to be identified - high blood pressure with a studying of one hundred sixty/one hundred. I used to suppose dizzy plenty, my legs had terrible cramps, and phases had been very low in my potassium, inflicting my arms and ft to regularly cramp in combination. One day I began to suppose fairly faint whilst I used to be riding with my daughter within the again seat and I handed out, hitting three vehicles and finishing up in a ditch. That second,I knew I needed to do whatever when you consider that my meds were not operating. I heard approximately this vitamin from a buddy and concept I'd supply it a shot. The outcome had been first rate. In simply 21 days, I truthfully are not able to recall feeling this well, my blood stress went from a hundred seventy five/one hundred ten to a hundred twenty five/70.

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