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How about Joe Wilson?

Could this guy be what the GOP needs come 2012? I think many americans are seeing this guy as someone with balls who called Obama out when everyone else was keeping their mouths shut. Yesterday I was reading the liberals laughing at how much more money his opponent had raised. Well who is laughing now?


Keith read the link I left, he is refusing to make any more apologies. I believe he also said, hes sorry his emotions got the best of him, hes not sorry for what he said.

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    So you want a nut job like wilson with his finger on the button!!!!!!!!!*

  • thrddg
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    Before you get ready to run another republicans flag up the flag pole remember, what the problem with republicans is. They are VERY weak they can only stay on course for a short time before they start trying to meet the other side in the middle. It is like they can't stand to be in their own skin and can't wait to shed it off. The democrats don't play by the same rules or any. I want to see more of this unknown politician whom I never heard of. Lets see how he stands on cap and trade, afghan war and a whole host of other issues. You never know if he is just the flavor of the month/week or the real deal.

  • Stan
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    Can you imagine the outrage if Bush was giving a speech and during the speech a Dem congressman interrupted and called

    Bush a liar?!

    Hannity and Fox would be all over it..demanding taking away citizenship, water boarding and who knows what else?

    Republicans have never had respect for the office of the presidency..unless their guy is in.

    Joe Wilson should be punished by Congress, not only was he wrong to interrupt a presidential address to Congress, but he was wrong in his facts.

    Whining, crying little baby nut case republicans....and that's why you're out of power...due to your own mismanagement, lies, raping of our Constitution, and arrogance.

    From a veteran.

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    People like you scare me. You would probably make his running mate sarah palin. This guy makes me embarrassed to be a NORTH carolinian. You must be blind. There were no balls there...only racism. Some of these republicans are childish, rude, unprofessional, and just plain dumb sometimes. it scares me that you and others think that crazy people like palin, wilson, and McCain would be good leaders of the country. Im scared come 2012 if we elect a raciest, disrespectful, man, or woman, such as wilson for president. not even george w. bush was talked to like that on live television, and he was just a **** up puppet, who had no idea how to run a country. it doesn't matter if obama was bending the truth, what wilson did was rude and embarrassing. bush told many a lie. i commend the President for how he reacted to such immature behavior by a U.S. politician.

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    Is what Joe wilson said okay? Yes. Joe was simply stating the truth, and echoing the thoughts of many who were watching Obama's speech. And by saying, "many," I mean tens of millions of dissatisfied angry people.

    It's great to see someone in Congress with the guts to tell it like it is, call Obama out on his lies, half-truths, and general snow job. It's even better when it raises the hackles of his opponents who will no doubt ask for his head to roll, even though many Liberals do the same thing with impunity. But as we are seeing, having the guts to call it like is, has its own rewards.

    Go Joe!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Liberals are still laughing.....

    all the Way to the Bank...

    they got even MORE money pouring in~!

    Source(s): me3! Independant~leaning left....
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Quick finger Joe for POTUS and Shot Gun Barbie for VP....that would be awesome. I'd be laughing all the way to the polls.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just because someone can call someone out does not mean the will do anything.

    its very easy to say lies when you have no power, if your just here to complian about something and not get it done then your part of the problem.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I donated to Joe today.

    There have been so many hit his campaign website cannot keep up with all the people who want to contribute to Joe Wilson's re-election campaign.

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    While I loved the fact that he called him a liar to his face, he is completely why the Republicans will always be stepped on in American politics. OK, hooray you had balls, but come on man, stand up for yourself, don't apologize, stand your effing ground. Liberals don't apologize, they don't say sorry, or that they didn't mean it, only Republicans do, Liberals also don't throw their own under the bus.

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