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9x-8=x+_(2+_x) Trying to remember from a quiz?

I wanted to tell my dad about the one impossible equation on the math quiz today but I can't remember what two of the numbers were. Any math gurus, help me please T______T


When I tried to solve it I ended up with 8=16 or 9x=9x. I just can't remember what those two blanks were. >_>



There was no other variable. There is no answer, hence, "impossible equation." I just can't remember what the numbers were. >_>

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    I think that the equation would be as described below.

    9x-8 = x-4(2-2x)


    9x-8 = x+ -4(2+ -2x), which is same thing .

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    If you were doing the equation the CORRECT way and the question had a correct answer, they wouldn't end up as that. However, I suspect there is another variable in there, like a y or something. If that is the case, we cannot help you.

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