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I got a 24 on my ACT........can I still get into the University of Michigan?

Although I received a 24 on my ACT (which I am re-taking tomorrow!!),

I have a 3.7 G.P.A. and am currently taking two AP classes (AP Bio & AP Lit.) plus Pre-Calc. I have also been involved in many exracurricular activites throughout my high school career.

My activites:


- Link Crew (we help the incoming freshmen get used to high school)

- Soccer

- Tennis

- Cheerleading (won an award for Game Cheerleader)

- Drama Club (have had many leads plus student directed)

- Stars & Stripes Club

- also, i went to Europe with the Spanish/French club

So my question is..........with my gpa at a 3.7 and all of my activities,

do you think I have a good chance at getting into U of M with a 24 on my ACT????

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    The middle 50% of admitted first-year students at Michigan scored 27 - 31 on the ACT. Additionally, two-thirds of their students have GPAs above 3.75 and only a quarter were in the 3.5 - 3.74 range where you are currently. That means that, as of now, you'd be in the bottom 25% of admitted students, assuming they took you. I would try really hard on the exam to pull it up into that middle 50% range in order to be competitive.

    Your cocurricular activities mean nowhere near as much as your academics. Michigan says that the thing they consider the most is the rigor of your secondary school record -- meaning, they want to see that you took the hardest courses possible while in high school. After that, they consider your essay, recommendations, SAT/ACT scores, GPA, and whether you're a first-generation college student (though that's obviously not required). Only after all of that do they consider your activities, special talents, volunteer work, and other factors.

    So if your high school offers more APs for which you are eligible, I would recommend that you take advantage of that, since they will know if you passed on ones for which you were eligible. Your cocurricular record is already perfectly fine, so I wouldn't fixate too much on that. Work on those scores and putting together a strong schedule, and that should help you much more. :) I think Michigan is still certainly a possibility for you, but pulling up that score will absolutely help you make a better case for admission. :)

    Also, you can visit to get a better idea of exactly what Michigan says they look for in applicants. Good luck!

    Source(s): Former Admissions Staffer & Academic Adviser
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    Being a Michigan resident is a clean benefit in admissions to U of M OR MSU. in spite of the fact that your GPA & ACT are regularly occurring/a splash above, in case you're taking the prospect for EARLY ADMISSIONS, you have a superb opportunity of shifting into, assuming your scores meet the minimum standards. make certain you prepare THIS summer and end the utility as quickly as they permit human beings to prepare. that can provide you with the terrific probability of being time-honored.

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    Im not so sure about this, but i heard your college entrance essay helps too.

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