What would happen if the only source for news was NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC or CNN?

I watched cnbc earlier today when an nbc reporter actually laughed at a republican congressman after the congressman gave an Obama disagreeing answer to a question...

The reporter looked the part of a democrat congressman...he was espousing the Obama doctrine by chapter and verse...

I see this more and more every day...

The reporters acting as though they are the elected officials...

acting biased against anything that seems contrary to Obama and the dems...

Stories are hidden. At least the stories that cast a negative light on Obama and the democrats...

The opposite would occur if there was a negative story about a republican.

It would be the lead in story on every network and posted all over the front page of all newspapers !!!

Thank God that, for the time being, we still have FOX !!!

If only gov controlled media is allowed..

How long will that Red, White and Blue flag be flying over our heads ?


Did a big cookoo birdy fly over head, veer off course then somehow lose it's load ?

How can anyone take any of these loose nuts seriously after reading this one simple ( I can't emphasize the word SIMPLE enough) sentence...

"you sir, are a complete imbecile if you think CNBC is a liberal station. that's no suprise though, the conservatives that run that network..."

Talk about drinking the koolaid...WAKE UP !!!

It's a non negotiable fact,

FACT, as in TRUTH !!! , G.E. owns NBC and of course it's ugly sister CNBC...look it up !!!

Van Jones is an admitted communist, and advocate of Marxism ! This is the only one of the Czars that has been OUTED (thank you FOX!) thus far but stay tuned !!!

You good for nothing, liberal tree huggin hypocrytic democrats are about to come face to face with a nice can of cheesy whoopass, serve right out of the can...

We are not about to give up our country to pathetic weakknee'd thumb sucking badwetters, anymore !

If not for your type we'd be developing and

Update 2:

Using and selling our own petroleum. Paying 20 cents a gallon for gas and enjoying a very very very comfortable GNP !

We wouldn't be paying $$$ per barrel. We wouldn't be borrowing money from CHINA. We'd have a strong dollar and be leading the world in productivity...but no, we are fed crappy lies by the democrats that push their agenda down our throats, bankrupting our nation, crippling our economy and with the new AlGorian bible.

You people are what's wrong with this country and one day you will pay, with very deflated american dollars btw...

Wish we could just give you all a bottle and put you to bed while we american citizens try and figure out a way to hang on to our freedom...no offense to you all, but please grow up and please come to your senses.

Sleep is a good thing, it tends to keep your mouth shut...so please, try some

Update 3:

'I'm A Man'

Funny, you don't act like one? Just sayin...

Go hug a tree or play with your friends but you'll get no bullets from me, you have to wait until your an adult...

Update 4:

BTW, Joe Scarborough is one man on a show loaded with leftists!!! And he is not a very good example of a conservative. He is a $$$ counting always compromising jarhead masquerading as a 'nbc controlled wanna be conservative'....

Update 5:

Becky...I feel you.

All we can do is get on our knees and pray for the strength that it is gonna take to endure till the end...

It's like we are living in one of those zombie movies...

Can we call these liberals Zombies?

i think it really fits...

Lets look at some similarities...

1) you can't reason with zombies...

2) they often move their lips but nothing they say is intelligible

3)they seem to flourish in the dark but hide from the light?

4)they can be harmlessly lead to do anything if you are standing behind a podium and can flash them a smile once in awhile...

zombie's have been told that farting farm animals must be stopped because they are destroying our o-zone and causing global warming'

poor, poor zombies. They are so amusing and funny but they are actually the gas passing creatures that must be controlled...lol

We need to learn to use the yellow pages to find them all good, sound mental health facility...

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    I'd play Russian Roulette with a bullet in every chamber

    obviously your an idiot...every news station sways their opinions to one side, whether its Republican or Democrat. Having objective news source in the world is like having a skinny man who eats at Mcdonalds for all 3 meals during every day (just not going to happen). Every news station tries to branwash you into thinking/doing things a certain way.

    seems like your the one who needs to have their balls dropped.

  • Tom R
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    1 decade ago

    step away from the koolaid. msnbc has joe scarborough a former republican congressmen with his own show every week day morning. he spouts logical republican arguments ( sorry thats almost an oxymoron). he doesnt talk about the stupid birther crap because he at least knows better. however i usually wont watch him because i disagree with him constantly. any democrat hosts on fox? you had one colmes who had been neutered is he still there.? no i guess not. what you apparently arent aware of is that fox media figures admit to not being journalists and thus not checking for the accuracy of their storys. i would further say that you already have media control . how many papers an news sources does murdoch own. every non brain damaged person knows that fox is biased. i mean you got karl rove working there at the same time he is working for the mccain campaign. conflict of interest. roger ailes relative of the bushes

  • 1 decade ago

    I think we need to accept that none of the media outlets is unbiased. The world is made up of people and people are stupid....oh not all of us are stupid but there are so many these days that it staggers the imagination. It is apparently acceptable that we have allowed a bunch of communists into the White House. It is apparently acceptable to spit in the face of democracy. It is apparently acceptable to publicly bash anyone with a differing point of view. It is apparently acceptable to fund radical organizations such as Acorn with taxpayer dollars. It is apparently acceptable to pretend that the federal government is supposed to be involved in health care. It is apparently acceptable to sit back and let our inalienable rights evaporate right before our very eyes. No, it is NOT acceptable but it is apparent that we are overpopulated by stupid people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you sir, are a complete imbecile if you think CNBC is a liberal station. that's no suprise though, the conservatives that run that network are far more principled, thoughtful, and intelligent than the circus that is fox news. It is definitely a conservative "free market" network. There are not any openly liberal people on that channel, but you probably don't understand anything they say.

    I would point out the incredible irony of your question, but it would be lost on you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I heard Fox is off the charts lately for accurate reporting ...I prefer to not watch the news.. its too depressing.

    The flag better keep flying. long may she wave.

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