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Which is better for the FBI and CIA, enlisting MI or being an officer in a different branch?

Is it better to enlist MI, or go officer and chance being branched supply or transportation? I want to work for the CIA, FBI, or state department

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    In order to get into the CIA or the FBI the bottom line is you need a good college degree. You need a degree in a science field, accounting, or have a law degree. If you majored in Criminal Justice your pretty much S.O.L. because the FBI doesn't usually take some one with a degree in that. You will also need to have a stellar grade point average. I'm assuming MI is Military Intelligence, this could help you. Enlisting will give you the job you want, pick something like Human Intelligence Collector because it requires a language school, try and get Arabic. You also have to qualify for a secret clearance which will help. Going the Officer route no matter what MOS you get put in will also go along way because it shows leadership skills.

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    You need a college degree to be in the federal law enforcement agencies. You need a college degree to be an officer in the military as well. Military Intelligence is not the best job. Being in the military myself and talking to MI guys out in the field, they always seem unhappy and unmotivated to do their jobs cause it sucks. My cousin is MI for the army, and she doesn't like it. I am not trying to discourage you, it may fit you perfectly, but you want to talk to guys who had that job, and you want truthful people. I would go officer, that experience alone can get you into the cia and the fbi. Those guys look for people with military experience. You can enlist and then become a cia or fbi agent, but you have to fit college in somewhere, and when recruiters tell you that you can take classes on base, screw what they tell you. You will not have time, especially being MI. Good luck to you and I hope you make the best decision.

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    i guess what ever a enlist MI is

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