Why do so many of the newer Country music singers sound so much alike?

I have wondered for awhile why so many of the newer country music artists all have the same Nashville nasal twang? Country music used to not all sound so twangy back in the days of Buck Owen, Charlie Pride, etc. And interestingly enough, when these singers talk, they don't have that twangy, nasal "I just wanta get you-u-u out of your dress-s-s-s-s and get you home-e-e-e", but they talk in normal voices, but when they sing, it's all nasal and all twangy. Not all country singers sound like this, for example, Charlie Daniels, and Billy Ray Cyrus sound more like regular people singing. But a friend of mine LOVES modern day country music and nearly every singer sounds alike. Am I missing something? Are modern day country music singers all supposed to follow the same twangy, honky tonk formula? Also, the lady in the office next to me plays country music non-stop, and all of it is new modern day twangy, nasal country music. I guess this is popular as my hometown has about 1/2 dozen modern day country music radio stations. But does anyone else ever wonder how this music is popular? I used to appreciate country music in the days of Buck Owens, John Denver and Johnny Cash, but this newer stuff is kind of hard to listen to.

What do other people think?

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    You are correct in your thinking.

    Today, all of the radio stations, record companies, etc. are trying to tell us that this "new" country is "real" country. Unfortunately, all of the "new blonde female clone wannabee country singers", believe that what they are singing is country because the labels tell them it is. Money talks and once the labels see something that sells, i.e. Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, etc. then they clone everyone else and hope the money rolls in again and again. Sadly, these singers wouldn't know "real" country music if it stood right in front of them.

    Thank God for artists like George Jones, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Ronnie Milsap, Hank Williams, Jr, Merle Haggard, and a few others who know what "real country music" should be. They haven't "gone to the dark side" and they never will.

    Hopefully, the labels will wake up and realize that the crap of today is 100% pure Pop. Until then, we should just be thankful that there are still "real" country artists out there who are giving us what we want!!! :-)


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    Newer Country Singers

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    What you hear on radio is ****. When you see a music video, it is a beauty contest, doesn't matter that the girl has a range of one octave and is flat, if she is blonde has big **** and looks sexy, she will make the top 20 countdown. It is a beauty show, music is just something to move around too. It sucks.

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    Record companies aren't in the music business, they're in the money making business. They figure if you like something by one artist you'll LOVE 90 carbon copies.

    Roy Clark put it perfectly: "If you turn on the radio today and hear a song you like, next day you'll have 20 clones of it!"

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    It's the "Cookie Cutter" Nastyviulle sound.....CHA CHING!

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