Sex party games.....i need some ideas.?

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What are some games to play at a sex party? I need some different ideas because I'm going to have one. && no it's not where a lot of people come && we all have sex. more
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  • D R answered 5 years ago
bingo... like print sheets with cartoon pix of boobs and dildos and stuff and and then play bingo

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Great idea!! Thanks.
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  • babbleon2 answered 5 years ago
    Think games you might play at a batchelorette party... or any party, but with a sex toys twist.

    Name that toy
    Place toys in a bag, seal the bag, then pass it around the group and have each person feel the items through the bags. Have the guests write down their guesses.
    Then open the bags to see how many are correct. You might give the person with the most correct guesses one item. You could probably even hold each sex toy in the air (without the cover over it), and have a guessing contest as to the name and function of each toy.

    Also, like men name penii (or so I'm told), maybe ladies could name vibrators or dildos - funny things, like, 'Scary Rabbit' for the pink one with rabbit ears.

    A lot of people at these things are uncomfortable, so probably not truth or dare, or anything where people touch each other, certainly not anything outside the house. Be very conservative or you'll scare them away.


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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    ahhhhhh that sounds so cool a load of girls with sex toys i wanna go... im sorry im only 15 i should be going now. lol


    p.s call me lol
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  • Zuy_N answered 5 years ago
    you sure those ppl wont get the wrong idea when you call your party "sex party" haha.. ok ok, how about strip hold'em.
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  • Chris Macdonald answered 5 years ago
    what can i say that sounds pretty gay but if u like phucking girls with ur buddies next to you, u can roll that way!


    my number is (254)398-7641 call me for a good time
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