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Ugly Duckling on farmville?

Does it grow into a swan or something? I heard they're quite rare to adopt?

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    yes, they do grow into a white swan. After 4 days it's highlighted and you click on it and one of the choices is "Transform!" but you have to put up with the ugly black and white duck for a while... haha.

    Mine just "Transformed" today, and you get to post it on your wall. i'm not sure how long it takes to be ready or what you get from them but i will in a couple of days when it's ready.

    i'm not sure if they're rare to adopt, sorry. probably though because they are really cool! =D

    Source(s): i adopted one on friday and it transformed today (monday).
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    in basic terms like the Black Sheep and Brown Cow, you ought to undertake the grotesque Duckling. It won't be able to be bought, and the only thank you to undertake that is with the aid of a neighbor. First they gets a pop-up message together as farming that a lost grotesque duckling is calling for a house and could they please help it discover one. Then they must settle for. Then a message will look on their wall and your place website that asserts something like, "So and So stumbled on an unpleasant duckling on their farm who desires a house, are you able to offer it a house?" then you ought to be the 1st, or between the 1st to click on the "undertake grotesque Duckling" hyperlink. The hyperlink will handle your farm and a message will pop up that asserts the two you observed the duckling or somebody else already observed it. in case you do get to undertake it then the duckling will take 3 days to remodel right into a Swan. Then after yet another 3 days, and each 3 days after which you would be able to hold at the same time swan feathers that are nicely worth 80 money.

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    I adopted one 3 days ago and now it's a swan. I don't think they are any more rare than say a black sheep or a brown cow....I have 3 ugly ducks now...well technically I have 2 ugly ducks and a swan...rumor is that you collect golden eggs from swans but I won't know for 3 more days...I'll have to let you know in 3 days!

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    The swans don't seem to be very rare any more. I have been seeing 5 or 6 over the weekend. Just a note. Don't try and adopt to soon. wait till it has been up for 15 minutes or so. Too soon and it will not let you adopt. I adopted my second one after it had been up for an hour. Good luck. Imne have not transformed yet.

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    Hi =) yeah i heard about the ugly duckling but didn't got one yet =( but i just received a notification on facebook from farmville saying "SWANS! - Don't know about you, but my ugly duckling just TRANSFORMED into a beautiful SWAN! We hope you enjoy this and the many future delights coming your way soon! Click here to play FarmVille! 17 minutes ago."

    So i guess the answer is yes but i don't know what will they do :S

    Source(s): Facebook notifications
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    i adopted an ugly duckling the other day, after a few days it came up with the option of transform, it turned into a swan and you collect swan feathers.

    Source(s): past experience
  • Are they really that rare? I have adopted 4 of them already. And they do tun into a swan, my friend's just turned into a swan. But i don't know what happens with them after that.

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    When you see that an ugly duckling has strayed onto one of your neighbours land- adopt it! It turns into a Swan.

    Source(s): Me
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    I don't know about rare. I have 3 already, and missed out on a couple. They do turn into a swan. One of mine just transformed. didn't get coins for that though. Now I probably have to wait another 4 days to get some coin out of it

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    I like the Ugly Duckling (I've seen pictures)

    I'd like to have one, but not even a notice so far.

    I only have a few neighbors though.

    Not many of my friends are on Farmville, and I'm not sure I

    want to add a whole bunch of people I don't know as friends.

    Besides, I wouldn't want it to turn into a swan.

    I think it's ugliness is cute!

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