Sand Paper Off My Tattoo?

well, I already have a slight idea of the types of responses I am going to get. Keep in mind I am not joking, I have a tattoo on my right lower back ( my zodiac sign ) Everyone knows how INCREDIBILITY EXPENSIVE it is for a doctors approved tattoo removal, and that all those creams and skin buffers they sell never have good reviews. So I have been asking myself just how much I dislike my tattoo.... Do I dislike it enough to have a big scar instead? I think my answer might be yes. NOW. I know the ink can't possibly be TOO deep to try this, is it? Think it will work doing it a little bit every night? Give me your input please.

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    Ink is in the dermis. The second layer of skin.

    Bearing in mind, most cuts and scrapes only hit the first layer of skin, the epidermis.... You'd be bleeding all over the place, with a massively deep abrasion wound before you got to the ink.

    Awful idea.

    If you really hate you can save up for laser treatment. Some places will offer finance plans.

    Or just get it covered with another tattoo. One you actually like this time.

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    The best possible home remedy to remove a tattoo is as follows: Take the half onion you mentioned, dip it in the vinegar and then use an onion peeler to peel off the first layer of the onion. After doing so prep the area that the tattoo is located with rubbing alcohol and use the sand paper to work it in. Rub until there are small spec of blood showing. If there is any running blood you have rubbed too hard and should wait at least a week before proceeding. Once you have achieved these small specs of blood take the aforementioned onion peeler and begin to grate at the tattoo. I suggest 1 cm around as well. Once you have punctured the dermis layer the tattoo is embedded in it would be wise to take some sort of coagulate such as Advil to thicken the blood and induce clotting. Once you have entered this stage of removal you MUST CONTINUE OR RISK INFECTION! At this point you are more than likely numb in the area of the tattoo and this will help with the following steps. Gather a piece of Gauss padding, soak it in peroxide and neosporin, a needle and thread and some water. Take the Gauss soak it in the peroxide and sew it to the grated area. In a few weeks your tattoo should be gone! Congratulations you are no longer affiliated with any gang!

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    actually, before laser tattoo removal was around, doctors were doing dermabrasion on tattoos to remove them. Its just like sanding the tattoo, but its with a machine with a metal brush that grinds the skin down. but doctors can numb the area at that time so you don't have to feel it. if its small, it can be cut out and stitched closed. most likley if you sand it down, you will end up with a dark scar with a blurred tattoo. strongly recommend going for a consultation with a doctor that specializes in tattoo removal.

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    i have a tattoo on the back of my neck that says 'one love'. i want it removed so i can join the air force its nothing gang related or anything but its too visible so i have to get it removed.

    but if you search online alot of doctor offices are doing free trials or if you call around your area a lot of tattoo places do it dirt cheap.

    im getting mines removed at a tattoo parlor for 300dollars but it does hurt! but at the same time they dont laser it off all at once; it depends on the colors of your tatt and they laser it off in sessions each session turning up the laser and it leaves blisters that eventually will go away but my personal real big downfall is the laser takes too long for your tattoo to remove.

    i too thought about the sand paper method and tried just the other day believe it or not. but its waaaay to painful worse than the tattoo or laser. i dont recommend it.

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    DO NOT sandpaper your skin. Cover it up with waterproof makeup until you've saved up enough money to have a doctor remove it.

    If you sandpaper it off, you will not be left with just a scar. You could get an infection and then have to pay thousands of dollars for the treatment and medicine.

    And to answer your last question, YES, the ink IS that deep. It's VERY deep. That's why a doctor should remove it.

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    It's highly dangerous,and down right stupid. Just purchase a tattoo "removal" cream so that you can lighten your tattoo. Then consider laser removal or if an artist can they can see if it's possible to cover it up with something else.

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    no no no try this instead it will cost some money but is well worth it.

    it is a cream but has great reviews and it does work look around in this site and see for yourself don't use sand paper to remove a tattoo you will be in pain and bleeding before you ever got to the ink wrecking balm pulls at the ink like a magnet and basically grows new skin to make the ink rise to the surface to be removed

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    nope, your tattoo is in the second layer of skin not the first. you could do an awful lot of damage of yourself, don't ever try. its idiotic.

    get laser removal, tattooed over or live with it

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    leave it!

    you could get some sort of infection because it will be an open wound

    just save up money

    and recycle yor cans

    lool then sell them sooner or later youll save enough money and save the earth as well

    whats better

    havin a ugly tatoo until u save money or a big infection that could be deadly

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