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General Hospital. Can you give me a quick recap of each character on General Hospital?

The last I saw was Claudia in the hospital after she lost the baby because of Michael and Christiana were on the run. I know it was Christiana who hit Claudia. What else is going on??

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    Claudia lost her baby and now is plotting her revenge against Kristina after overhearing Sonny and Alexis talking about Kristina's guiltiness. She went to the carnival with Sonny and the kids and she tried getting on a ride alone with Kristina but failed after the chaos broke out.

    Alexis is still believed to have knocked Claudia off the road. She has retired from DA and Andrea Floyd as been coming up to her and in a way stalking. She narrowly dodged Edward Q's car and watched as Andrea was crushed. Later she rushed to the ER after she couldn't find her girls she panicked. Kristina was eventually found after missing, thanks to Michael

    Kristina came home from Mexico with Michael and resumed life at home with Kiefer. She cam to an understanding with Sonny and now sees him more. She went to the carnival where she went on a ride with Claudia and Molly. Edward's car struck the ride and she was buried under the rubble. She was found by Michael and had a sprained wrist.

    Michael came back from Mexico and is starting to remember things from when he was in a coma. He now knows Jax's part in the shooting. He went to the carnival (in honor of him) and helped pull his sister Kristina out of the rubble after she was buried.

    Jason is now back together with Sam after they rescued Michael and Kristina in Mexico. They went ot the carnival together where Jason watched his son Jake on the rides,and then run into a tent taht was struck by Edward's car. He got Jake out of the rubble and vowed revenge against the person taht did this.

    Jake has a skull fructure after a tent fell on him at the carnival. He may have a degree of brain damage

    Liz was upset over Jake's accident where she ran into the arms of Nikolas. Lucky then asked Liz to marry him.

    Edward had a heart attack and caused the chaos at the carnival. He had heart surgery and now feel guilty over the accident.

    Andrea was killed after she was hit by Edward's car

    Ethan and Rebecca saved Edward after he crashed

    Robin discovered that Andrea poisoned Edward

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