Anti-Theft Starting Problems for BMW 318I 1997 Help!?

Anybody out there have schematics for this and/or know where I can send computer in to reprogram. Damn car thinks I tried to steal it. Working single dad. Can't afford to take to mechanic right now.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Robert Bentley manual for your car has decent wiring diagrams, including for the EWS (anti-theft) system.

    The main EWS module itself is behind the glovebox. There is a lot of how-to information out there on removing the glovebox to get to it, but look here as one source:

    The EWS system talks to the DME (engine computer) which is in a compartment on the right side (from the drivers seat) of the firewall, behind a plastic/foam cover. The short version is that the EWS system has to recognise the key in order for it to turn, and to signal the DME to release the injectors to let the car start. It's difficult to diagnose without the right tools.

    Regarding where to get a DME repaired, or a DME and EWS realigned to each other Google "BMW DME repair".

    I know you're short of funds, but this may be something that's best handled by a local independent BMW specialist, with the right diagnostic tools. You should be able to find one near you by searching on

    Good luck!

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