What liqueur is similar to Grand Marnier?

I'm looking for something that is very similar, but not Triple Sec. Triple Sec is only 30% alc/vol. and Grand Marnier is 40% alc/vol. Grand Marnier is awesome, but I want something CHEAPER! We're in a recession here..

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    Check out some of the cheap, orange flavored schnapps.

  • Robert
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    1 decade ago

    Well there really isn’t any liquor that is an exact substitute. All of the orange flavored liqueurs currently on the market have their own proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each product its distinct taste. The best advice that I can give you would be to either find cocktails that don’t require it as an ingredient or try buying smaller bottles of Grand Marnier, as they are available in some markets. Cointreau and high-quality brands of triple sec that use a brandy base are one option, but they’ll cost you roughly the same as Marnier. Van der Hum, an orange-flavored spirit from South Africa, is another option, although this is difficult to locate in some markets and may very well cost you as much as the more expensive options.

    So you’re best options are to either settle for smaller bottles of Grand Marnier or try and shop around for the best price that you can get. Triple sec, preferably brandy based, is another option, although these will likely not meet your desire for a 40% abv spirit. They also can vary widely in terms of both quality and strength of flavor.

    The bottom line here is that any orange-based liqueur with 40% alcohol by volume will probably cost you at least as much as Grand Marnier,if not more. When you take into account the various ingredients needed for flavoring this spirit, the price is understandable high. If you are not willing to accept the few cheaper substitutes that are available, you’re left with few to no options.

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    If you want just an orange liqueur the I would recommend Cointreau or Patron Citronge. However none of them will come close to GM since GM is made with a blend of Congacs and distilled Oranges.

    Patron Citronge in the store that I work at is around $35 before taxes and Cointreau is around $40 I think. Anyway these prices will differ depending on tax laws for your state, availability, and other numerous costs that distributors will charge like shipping and handling. Also if store doesn't but a whole case they are charged a split case charge which varies also.

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    Cointreau would be the middle of the two (Between Grand Marnier and Triple Sec).

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    Grand Marnier Alcohol

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    Cointreau is close, but not that much. Grand-Marnier is really unique, just try to ask someone traveling to buy a bottle at the duty free for you... How expensive is it in the USA? In Belgium, 19 euros at the supermarket, and in Andorra (no tax country) around 15 euros.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, it cannot be substituted! It is a high quality liqueor which begins with cognac. No different than all the cheap knock-offs of Alize (hypnotic, x-rated, and the like)! You get what you pay for, so you have two choices: pay the extra to get the quality you want, or save a few bucks and develop cheaper tastes. If you decide on the latter route, you will need to really learn to love hangovers as well.

    Source(s): the alcoholics in my bar
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    I once had a glass of 140 year old Grand Marnier. It was the best thing ever.

  • Leigh
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    4 years ago

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    Grand Marnier is made with cognac and Cointreau is not. Grand Marnier is smoother and more expensive. You can substitue one for the other. If you're really, really on a budget you can substitue triple sec for any other orange liqueur.

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    You got some good answers, but make no mistake, there is only one beloved "Grand Marnier".

    There are many "orange" brandies/cognacs out in the market, but they will taste nothing like GM - trust me!!

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