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How can I clean up kitty litter on the carpet?

My kitty makes a big mess and scatters his litter all over the carpet.

I'm afraid to use the vaccume because the litter may clog it up. Are there any other ways to clean it up?


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    I suggest that you first use a whisk brush to get as much of the litter as possible into a dustpan and empty it into the trash; this will save on using up numerous (expensive) vacuum cleaner bags if this happens every day...unless of course you have a bagless vacuum cleaner. After you have scooped up as much as possible, you can vac whatever is left, as long as it's dry. Using a litter mat will help a bit also.

    I would also try using a litter box that is deeper to prevent the litter from flying out, and you might be putting in more litter than is actually needed, making it more likely to scatter out of the box. A litter box with a TOP will also help a lot. Good luck.

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    If your vacuum cleaner wouldn't handle kitty litter, it probably wouldn't handle anything else either. So it should be no problem.

    By putting a small throw rug in front of the litter box, it will catch a lot of the tracked litter. That way, you can shake out the rug, and have less of a job for your vacuum cleaner.

    Cutting down on the mess of scattered litter is done in two ways. One is a covered litter box, but some cats don't like that. An open pan with a spill collar works well to lessen spillage. I have provided a link to one such type. Two that I use are like the link, although without the sifter, as they are less expensive.

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    Unless you have a really crappy vacuum cleaner, it should do the job just fine. I keep my cat's litter box in a larger, cardboard box with sides that are higher than the litter pan (with one side cut down a bit). That way, most of the scattered litter ends up in the cardboard box and I can just dump it back into the litter box periodically.

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    Unless there is a large amount or your vacuum is one of those light duty ones, your vacuum should be able to handle it without a problem. However, whenever I have a BIG litter mess to clean (thankfully not often), I get my husband's wet/dry shop vac. That thing can suck anything out of a carpet!

    The only other thing I can think of would be to use a broom and dust pan to scoop up as much as you can before running the vacuum over it to finish the job.

    Good luck!

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    i dont think it'll clog up your vacuum. i always use the vacuum. i can't seem to think of another way to clean litter off the carpet. another option is, you can get a big matt to put in front of your litter box, so most of the litter goes on the matt instead of the carpet. this is what i did.

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    So long as you have not used anything damp to clean it up you can vaccum without wrecking the machine or you can use a ball of packing tape and pat carpet with it and collect litter on sticky ball, this will also collect damp litter

  • vacuum cleaner will do the job, it won't clog up unless the bag hasn't been emptied in a while.

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    Use a vacuum cleaner..that's what they are made for..

    I got one that will Pick Up Rocks..

    Might make a little Noise,,but they will go in it..:):)

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