How to locate which jail/prision an inmate is in?

hi, my ex bf is in jail, and i want to send him a letter, the only thing is that i have no idea what jail he is in, and i dont have a number to cantact his parents or family members.

he is a minor (16years old) , and was sent to jail for being a by standard in a murder(shooting/agravated robers) <-- or so i was told im not 100% on it.

the crime was done in either texas( the irving/ dallar are im gussing because thats where he lived) or somewhere in oklahoma.

hes a 16year old , black male, name is antonio holmes.

if you have any information on him, like news articles, or could help me find which jail/prison he is in Anwser this question, and either send me an email, or give me and email adress that i could contact you at if i have any further questions.

this help would be greatly apprecated !

and 10 points to the best.

PS i have tryed a few of thoes inmate searches and have come up empty handed( im guessing because he is under 18)

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    Here is how to find Federal prisoners:

    Here is another one by state:

    In state cases, you have to know the state in question, and search within the state, I could only give you sites for federal prisoners.

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    6 years ago

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