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Can anyone tell me about the book, Flowers in the attic?

I was told it was a good book by my teacher but my mother said it was nasty because a brother and sister have sex.

Give me a synopsis to help me decide if I should bother or not.


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    i read flowers in the attic and it's many, many sequels years ago and really enjoyed them. they're very sad, but not at all nasty. i don't recall any brothers and sisters having sex. the parental figures in the book are something like half-niece and half-uncle? and i don't believe you actually hear about them having sex.

    the story is set after the father figure dies and the mother and her children have to return to their grandmothers house. the children are locked away, to avoid family shame, as the mother and father were related and the story develops from there.

    you should definitely check it out, almost every charity shop has a battered old copy for around 50p :)

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    There's a movie about the book. It's a lady that marries either her brother or her uncle and has kids. Her husband dies and goes back living with her wealthy dad. Her dad is I'll and about to die. He doesn't know that she has kids, but if he finds out he will change his ( will ) and give his fortune to someone else. So she hides her kids in the mansions attic. The kids are ages 17male 15female and I think there 7 year old twins boy and girl. The mom of the kids starts ignoring the kids and doesn't care about them. There is a nanny that is treating them like animals and she feeds the cookies with arsinic poison. The kids find out that the cookies have poison and tells there mom but she cares less of them. One of the twins dies becouse of the poison, and the kids now are going to escape. They knew they had to hide in the attic in order to get their grandfathers wealth. When they escape now there's only 3 kids. They find out that their granfather had already past away for sometime. They also figure out that they were supposed to leave the attic alive. They reach a certain part of the house and figure out that the mother was getting married to a man. The kids confront her and she declines them in every way and the fact that that's her kids. The mom gets pushed of the balcony where she is getting married and dies. The kids leave the mansion and look at shoveld dirt where they where supposed to be barried.

    Source(s): The movie bass on the novel Flawers in the Attic.
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    Here is a link to a summary of the book. I read it in junior high in the early 90's. I thought it was a very good book - the brother and sister relationship is better understood if you read the book. It is very disturbing but it is definitely worth the read!

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