dool ciara..good actress?

Ciara is sooooo adorable on days of our you think she is a good actress for a little child? why does she keep looking to the side? do you think she is looking at her parents off stage? thanks

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    Yes Ciara/Lauren is a good actress......adorable I don't think Days could have picked a better girl to play the part of Hopes daughter she has the dark eyes and hair just like is some info on her....and yes I think her Mom is standing off stage watching her.

    Lauren Boles

    Lauren is hailed as a Director’s dream – a quick study, she easily learns and delivers her lines.

    HAIR: shiny dark brown hair – EYES: big brown eyes


    Days of our Lives – recurring role as Ciara Brady NBC/Corday Productions


    Bunny Town (lead) – Disney Studios

    T.V. Fun House – Comedy Central


    Story Book Theater


    Acting Classes

    Private Acting Lessons

    Ballet – Tap



    Lauren loves acting, singing, and dancing. She’s a true performer. Her latest favorite songs are “Momma Mia” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

    Performing isn’t Lauren’s only joy. She can often be found on her laptop computer playing Webkinz, solving 100+ piece puzzles, and reading books like Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

    She enjoys art, swimming, soccer, and horseback riding. Lauren loves all animals, especially her kitties Amber and Bailey.


  • Wow. I didn't realise the actress had done so much. She really is an adorable little girl & actress for someone so young. She's going to break some hearts when she grows up in real life he he! Kind of OT but I was watching "Full House" earlier & the actress that played "Kimmy Gibler"; Andrea Barber was the actress who played "little Carrie Brady" (daughter of Roman Brady & Anna DiMera) & I'm like "That was little Carrie!" he he. Her website is very inadequate ; it doesn't say where she was born, what year, who her parents are. I wrote them a nasty e mail telling them to make their website about this future runway model more informative. God forbid some of us want to know vital statistics like DOB!

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    Probably. She's just a child actress. She is the cutest child on the show except for Sydney.

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