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Did you read Mats Wilander comments about the US Open draw?

I think the US Open draw is fair, He is favoring Nadal over Federer, seems to be he is quite JEALOUS of Federer hmmm>>?!!!

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    nadal got the tougher draw, 1st round against gasquet, who would have though about that..

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    We know how commentators, media, enjoy over dramatizing events. This is just another moment when they want to attempt to cause controversy and much talk. However, I always felt the draws are done wrong and at times purposely. For years I have stated that a #1 player should go up against the 128th player and #2 against the 127th....etc etc...and in round of 16 it should be 1 vs 16( being the 16 seeds are left), or the opponent that beat that seed, as well as in quarters 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 and so on. They rather cause reason for rivalries and put who they feel will make good matches along the way , during the tourneys. I love how they "put" Soderling in Rogers half each draw. There are players who havent even played each other, but especially in the slams, its the same matchups most of the time. I will never forget

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    Nadal does have the tougher draw. But, that's what happens when you're not the number 1 seed. Keep in mind, Federer must now play Djokovic, and that's not an easy match.

    Nadal has beaten Federer in the last 3 Grand Slams in which they have played, so I think it's fair to say that Nadal is the better player at this time. The reason Federer is number 1 is because Nadal has been injured.

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    I actually think the US Open organisers should take up most of the blame,not only because of the crappy schedule.

    This is already the 21st century. Since they already forecasted rain at night,why didn't they move the Nadal-Gonzalez match to an earlier time,especially when they do not have a Plan B,which is a retractable roof? Again,shame on you organisers,why don't you install a retractable roof for the Arthur Ashe stadium as a long-term solution? The weather factor cannot be controlled,but something could have been done.

    Again,this inflexibility brings us to the greediness of the television stations in the States and the organisers. The objective of making Nadal play late night matches is probably because he can and will attract large crowds,hence he is always scheduled to play at night to make the crowd stay to watch him play which in turn brings more ticket revenue for the organisers. And it makes it easy for the television station to broadcast it during primetime to attract viewers.

    Besides the weather factor,having to play the semi and final consecutively in two days is ridiculous. This part of the schedule ought to be fixed too.

    As for Wilander's comments,he just blew his own credibility by saying that at the end. It isn't Federer's fault by any means that his playing style doesn't require much physical effort,and I think his draw got to play first because Nadal did request to move his match back to the third day and because of Fed's reigning champion status his draw got to play first. Just like the case of Roddick,his two matches in the early rounds were played last,which was just a ploy by the organisers to attract crowds,Nadal's case is the same

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    if nadal makes it to the final..

    that's going to be like...

    quarterfinal, semi and final 3 matches in 3 days. lol

    and to the person above me, yea ok.. so fed is automatically granted the world no.1 spot again when nadal was injured. he didn't have to win the french/wimby to reclaim the top spot.

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