What makes people think that the Holocaust never existed...or at least wasn't as bad as it is depicted today?

it scares me a little when someone says that the holocaust never happened or was never a genocide. heres something i got from a comment on youtube: "Auschwitz is just a myth. nobody was killed there. there is no such a concentration camp. My grandfather was a german officer in the World War II, and nothing happened there."

its just too weird--whats convincing all these people that such an OBVIOUS historical event never existed?

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    It is understandable that someone's German grandfather would not want to believe that his country was responsible for such an atrocity. Perhaps he wasn't in an area of a camp, or wants to "protect" his family from the thought of such a violation of humanity.

    I think that people deny it because it is so inhumane that they cannot comprehend the mentality that would allow or cause something so unthinkable to happen. It also poses the question that if it happened before, it can happen again, so if one denies that it ever occurred, there is no danger of it happening again. It is a false security that allows one to cope psychologicaly. History has been known to repeat itself, and the thought of it occurring again is hauntingly incomprehensible.

    As for Auschwitz, I new a woman whose husband died there. Her eyes were always full of pain. Her entire face reflected it.

    I am 60. When I was about 8, I was rummaging around in our attic, although I wasn't supposed to be there. I came across a picture tucked away in a box. It was of a pile of naked, thin dead bodies. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and tried to reconcile what it could possibly be. I remember looking at it and thinking that it couldn't be what it looked like, because no one would do such a thing. It was monstrous. Being shy, I never spoke of it. Many years later learned that it was taken by my father, a World War II veteran. These were the bodies he saw in a concentration camp. Such things are too horrible to make up. I have seen my father's picture and name in more than one book about WWII, so it is indisputable that he was there. Also, I have some of his gear.

    People talk about the Civil War, how brother fought against brother. Well, we are of German descent. My father fought against the Germans, knowing we have relatives there, and while his German uncle who fought in the German army in WWI lived with my father's family. Yet, we do not deny that the Holocost was real. There are good Germans, and bad ones, as with any nationality.You cannot define an entire nation by the actions of some. When anyone in society is oppressed, all of us are oppressed, because denial of human rights can be a contageous thing without boundaries of ethnic origin or religious orientation..

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    I have said it before: I shall say it again, here.

    It is quite possible that fewer people than once thought died in the camps. We do not know how many died in penny numbers (shot, hanged, starved) in other circumstances.

    What is beyond doubt is that (in addition to all the other victims) about 6,000,000 Jews were killed. The evidence is straightforward. These people came from civilised countries with censuses, street directories, identity cards, church and synagogue records and all the rest. Compared with the pre-war count, after the war Europe was about 6 million Jews short.

    Anyone who says that they did not die has to show where they were (and where their descendants are). Six million people is a huge number; how do you hide them away and then conveniently lose them after the war? No. They were killed.

    On the issue of responsibility, it is not possible credibly to claim that murder and the disposal of human remains on that scale could be anything but a settled policy - the resources in men, material and time had to be made systematically available. Only the state could do that; only the state could decree that the killings were legal and so shelter the murderers from justice. On top of that we have the minutes of a meeting of Nazi leaders at Wannsee which make the position quite clear.

    Denial of the holocaust is not merely a falsehood: it is a childishly transparent one. I cannot imagine that even the deniers actually believe what they say.

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    I think people do not want to admit to the event, because then there is responsibility for the event. Such a thing as the Holocaust or genocide is not the responsibility of any one person. It is something that can rest on a society over generations.

    The denial of it is also another form of revisionist history. People sometimes don't like what their ancestors did.

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    They just do not want to believe that something like the Holocaust really happened. I remember watching a programme on the tv last year and the interviewer stopped German people in the street to ask them about the Holocaust, and one chap actually told him it was a pack of lies and just propaganda started by the UK and USA!

    There were people living in the towns near the camps who denied what was going on, one American General actually marched all the towns people into one camp and made them look at what was going on underneath their noses for years.

    There are photos of the camps, there are survivors of the camps, even the Germans took photos sometimes, and old newsreel footage, so it did happen and must never happen again!

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    Your question is a little misinformed, no offense intended. First there are those who claim that there was no Holocaust but these are in the very tiny minority. Secondly there are those who do not make such claim, they fully acknowledge there was a Holocaust but claim that this was not official nazi policy. They claim that the policy was to simply deport Jews and isolate them in concentration camps. The deaths were due to poor conditions at these camps. Then there are those like myself who do believe there was an official policy of extermination but that we question certain stories about the Holocaust. What is debated by some are the figures. Six million? Some historians put it at 5 million or even at one million. Did the nazis make soap out of dead Jews? No evidence whatsoever exists. This doesn't lessen the gravity and evil of it one bit but it should be constantly researched. As for Auschwitz, some stories about it are simply false and the Auschwitz memorial has changed its plaques to reflect it. It was thought that 4 million died there. No one holds to that view now. It has been revised downward into the thousands. My point is that not everyone who questions the Holocaust are denying the event happened just HOW and WHAT happened. Hope this helps.

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    Holocaust deniers are usually doing so for political gain. It is impossible to deny that a genocide did take place; just look at the videos of all the thing, emaciated bodies being covered up by bulldozer. These ideas are far from mainstream, and will never be so.

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    People tend to believe things that they WANT to believe.

    There are also Japanese believing that Nanjing Massacre was fake and had never happened. Besides laugh (or cry) what can you do?

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    of course it happened. If anyone says it didnt they are just lying. Dont worry about it because nothing can erase the past,no matter how horrible it was.

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    they don't want to believe it ever happened and they want to think we are all good people, not all of us are and the holocaust is a great example of people wanting to believe what they want to believe.

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    Either ignorance or stupidity.

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