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Why do you think 0bama continues to fail?

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    He says things that everyone knows cannot be true. I have no trust in him. I am going to add 40 million + people to health care and not spend any money doing it. Is he nuts?

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    Because the decades of being told: "It's only a LITTLE socialism, nothing to worry about," have finally come to roost and the Republicans have finally gotten a back bone. I've been fighting against the socialist slide of my party for decades, and the real democrats who love freedoms and our Constitution don't want to go through history remembered as the party members who allowed socialism to destroy America (though they needn't worry since socialist states always destroy all opposition views and records in their purges).

    ENOUGH SOCIALISM. Kick them back to their own party. Give them a symbol of their own: The DUCK.

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    Obama could be in office for the next 59 years and he would still be blaming Bush.. this is a man who takes not responsibility for anything.

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    Because he is the prime example of the disingenuous politician he promised not to become. What's funny/sad is, he was always that politician, only the populace at large is so gullible that they were blinded by their hope that he wasn't what he was.

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    Because Obama the Candidate was in the Center. Now we find out that Obama is a left wing liberal socialist Democrat that is surrounding himself with socialists, communists, and marxists. Very scary and not anything like the candidate Obama.

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    He is a direct threat to the corporate elite.

    And you are it's stooge.

    Which one will suffer endless attacks and lies and distortions? If there is anything wrong with Obama, is that he took too much on to fast, and the great corporate powers are now marshaling against him. Tens of thousands of lobbyists packed congress with their briefcases, their statisticians, and their checks. It is nearly an unstoppable force. It is fare easier to let the insurance companies continue making money by denying people the health care they need.

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    He gets caught in lies almost every time he opens his mouth.

    He gets caught with (and continues to appoint to key positions) associates who are pretty shady at best.

    His agenda is NOT what America wants.

    3 strikes....HE'S OUTTA THERE!

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    i think that any president in his position would have a dificult job, there's so much to fix right now, especially economically, people need to give him a little time. also i don't see what the big deal is about the speeches in the schools, most presidents to date have spoken to schools in the past about education. plus all he really told them was to do well in school because the better your grades the brighter the future...isn't that true, isn't that what we all want for our children?

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    He cant take personal responsibility

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    Sure you can think he is failing and there are still people who think the earth is flat; don't make em right.

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