What would be a good dance a mascot could do after the football team scores a touchdown?

I have a friend who's trying out to be a mascot tomorrow.

The tryout consists of him having to have certain reactions to whats happening in the game.

What would be a good touchdown dance?

or for a fumble and that kind of stuff

any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Touchdown- Climb the field goal posts and do a back flip off of them!

    Fumble- Run up behind the refs and start doing crazy stuff behind their back.

  • Gloria
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    5 years ago

    Over celebrating is annoying, but I don't see anything wrong with celebrating after a touchdown or a game changing play like an interception, or even a big third down sack. When players taunt other players, the fans or coaches, THAT to me is inexcusible. T.O. used to be bad about that, but he's gotten better. My favorite end zone celebrator is Steve Smith because he does things that are fun, without being insulting. When the Panthers played Minnesota in the season of Cruise-gate, Smith ran a fade and was wide open for the easy touchdown. He then dropped down to a seat in the endzone and began paddling an imaginary boat as if someone was chasing him. It was brilliant, entertaining and not too over the top, as it was over in a few seconds. Brett Favre still charges all the way down the field. I love the guy, he enjoys the game, but I'd wager a Packers TD celebration lasts a whole lot longer than most other teams, yet no one considers them too over the top.

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