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MADAME TUSSAUDS - Do they put the same amount of detail under the clothes?

like, genitals, body hair, frackles etc?

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    I've heard that they do, unless the person having the figure done objects.

    This was an issue briefly with the display they had of Kylie Minogue--the artists were working from photo references from a concert of hers, and apparently the artists were rendering the display in the round--meaning the figure had on a *tiny* short skirt that, in the round, showed off a *Lot* of Pasteurized Process Pop Starlet Product when viewed from angles that weren't *there* in the original stage performance. ^__^

    Needless to say Ms. Minogue had to make some phone calls and requests to make the skirt *slightly* longer for the figure.

    So yeah, it happens. ^__^

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