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Who is your favorite personality for Each Zodiac sign?

Can be any famous personality

1)Aries -- Charlie Chaplin,Wordsworth,Jeffrey Archer

2)Taurus -- William Shakespeare,Austin Stevens(herpetologist)

3)Gemini - Zenedine Zidane,Romulus Whitekar(herpetologist)

4)Cancer - Sylvestor Stallone

5)Leo -- Arnold Schwarzenegger,Jim Corbett ,Usain Bolt,Federer

6)Virgo -- Who else than the King of Pop? MICHAEL JACKSON

7)Libra -- Mahatma Gandhi

8)SCORPIO -- Its the GOD OF FOOTBALL - Diego Maradona

9)Sagittarius -- Its none other than THE LITTLE DRAGON -- BRUCE LEE

10)Capricorn - Jim Carrey,Mohammed Ali

11)Aquarius -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



oh,sorry about that red,agree with you on aqua..Michael Jordan

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    Aries- Maria Sharapova

    Taurus- Enrique

    Gemini- Angelina

    Cancer- Princess Diana

    Leo-Roger Federer

    Virgo- Mother Teresa

    Libra- Avril Lavigne

    Scorpio- Maradonna

    Sagittarius- Vishwanathan Anand(No.1 chess player), Srinivasa Ramanujam(Mathematical genius), Beethoven, John Milton, Nostradamus,Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin,Walt Disney,Edmund Halley,Steven Spielberg,Mark Twain,Frank Sinatra,Tina Turner, Christina Aguilera, Amy Lee,Brad Pitt

    Capricorn- Michael Schumacher

    Aquarius- Rihanna

    Pisces- Einstein

    edit: Since you recognized Anand and Ramanujam I include Sonia Gandhi, Prathiba Patil and Rajini Kanth for Sagittarius. I also include Aishwarya Rai and Asin for Scorpio.

    Source(s): Sagittarius I made a lil list for Sagittarius coz everyone is saying Bruce Lee and I need to do justice for the remaining cool Saggs.
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    Aries: Celine Dion

    Taurus: Renée Zellweger

    Gemini: Angelina Jolie

    Cancer: Meryl Streep

    Leo: Pres. Obama

    Virgo: Dr. Phil

    Libra: John Lennon

    Scorpio: Tatum O'Neal

    Sagittarius: Tina Turner

    Capricorn: Kevin Costner

    Aquarius: John Travolta

    Pisces: Ursula Andress

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    Aries: Mariah carey

    Taurus: Janet Jackson

    Gemini: Angelina Jolie

    Cancer: Missy Elliot

    Leo: Whitney Houston

    Virgo: Beyonce

    Libra: Will Smith

    Scorpio: Ciara

    Sagittarius:Christina Aguilera

    Capricorn: Nicolas Cage

    Aquarius: Alica Keys

    Pisces: Albert Einstein

    these are my fav. i had trouble choosing for a few but this is what i chose

    Source(s): Sun Aquarius moon aries
  • Gloria
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    4 years ago

    Earth: Virgo Fire: Sagittarius Water: Cancer Air: Libra

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    well for gemini, M C escher was an amazing artist that did many illusions in his artwork, and walt whitman a great humanist and author. and Prince, another great musician and singer.

    taurus- kimora lee simmons, she's hot

    aquarius- hmm, michael jordan and there's this australian talk show host named rove mcmanus that's really funny

    as for the others, I don't care for answering about them right now

    Source(s): zidane's a cancer btw, his b day was june 23rd.
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    1- Charlie Chaplin

    2-William Shakespeare

    3-Zenedine Zidane


    5- Federer-- I LOVE TENNIS

    6- hehe Michael Jackson


    8- ok fine whatever you say ^^

    9-... Bruce Lee i guesss since theres no other choice

    10-Jim carrey


    12-Albert Einstein!!!

  • Anonymous
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    aries- EMMA WATSON (your favorite lol), amanda bynes

    taurus- jessica alba

    gemini- anna kournikova

    cancer- bill cosby


    virgo- not michael jackson LOL

    libra- ashlee simpson

    scorpio- demi moore, katy perry

    sagittarius- britney spears LOL

    capricorn- for a capricorn, kate moss is pretty hot. she got a nice rack

    aquarius- jen aniston

    pisces- drew barrymore

    Source(s): leo
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