How do you deal with fashion/beauty snobs who think label/pricey is better than drug-store brand?

I've tried it all out. High end cosmetics, La-Mer, perricone, natura bisse, etc, and their foundations, etc, and then drug store brands such as Max Factor, L'oreal, maybelline, neutrogena, etc, and I was surprised that I found make up that was JUST as good, and sunblocks with 95+SPF, and what not, that made me look just as good as the high end stuff, and of pay like literally 1/10th or 1/20th of the price lol. You pay next to nothing for the drug store brands.

My max factor stick cost me about $5.50 and it makes me look runway ready and flawless, and yet, La Mer make up was about $80 I believe..for a single bottle, and did absolutely nothing better than any other makeup out there.

At the end I personally believe that SOME high end cosmetics especially for skin care, DO work much much better at turning back the clock than the over-the-counter stuff, but when it comes to makeup...I think even the "cheap" stuff works.

I mean how is ANYONE going to know? People can't just walk by you and go "that's cover girl!" "maybe that's maybelline?" "oh that's max factor," "oh that's chanel!"

I think that so many people are getting ripped off SO BAD paying for all these higher end products which in the end don't really do anything FOR them.

Same thing with clothes. I visited Barneys, bloomies, nordstroms, saks, neimans, etc, and was actually almost reduced to laughter and an ego boost, because I realized that they overcharge these simple disguisting garments of clothing, that heck you can find better looking stuff at Kohl's for about again 1/10th or 1/20th the price.

Now I'm not saying that rule applies to EVERYTHING. There are some things which you can only get at certain high end stores, and everyone can tell. That can apply for women to handbags, shoes, clothes, etc, many things, it really varies,....but i think makeup to a much much much sligher degree. Skin care..varies greatly.

I mean,..alot of the high end stuff to me is just, you're paying because a "name" or a 'celebrity" MADE the stuff, their NAME is on it, so you're paying for bs basically.

I mean it's funny how there are literally soooo many different brands, and each one has their own face wash, serum, this, that, and basically at the end of the day, half the stuff doesn't work, and the other half isn't any better than they claim it is.

then we have clothes like Guess brand, and even lucky brand, etc,...which is a bit overpriced because it looks cheap/tacky, even Diesel...I mean they claim it's hip and cutting edge, but it's really nothing you'd wear to a classy outing, it's like suburban semi-ghett0, rock type of wear, that you pay like hundreds of dollars for. To look cheap, and you can find similar alternatives at other stores for like next to nothing.

Also another kicker is that all these famous people, celebrities, etc,..get half of their stuff for FREE, it's the average person who has to pay for all this stuff, and the average person can't afford it as much as the higher end people who get it for free. talk about unfair, eh?

At the end of the day, I'm just sick of how everyone buys into the myth that higher brand anything must be better than lower brand, at least in fashion/skin care/cosmetics.

cars is a different story. lol. there's a huge difference between a bentley and a yugo,

but is there really a huge difference between la mer foundation and max factor?

I doubt anyone could spot the difference a mile away or a foot away. I really do.


lets put it this way, some celebrities spend hundreds of thousands on the most expensive makeup and plastic surgery (cher, etc) and the girl DOWN THE STREET....who may not even CARE, looks 100000 times better.

I mean, is everyone aware, that we're all getting brainwashed and ripped off to believe that all this high end gunk is actually better for us than the lower brand stuff?

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    Honestly i see what your saying, But the last user who awnsered, Just because those girls wear juicy tracksuits doesnt mean their rich, Now come'on If they were rich why they go to public school. How do you know they didnt just go on ebay or a discount store and get that. People would judge me for being rich, Because i went to private school, And here and there i bought after school clothes that we're designer, And accused me of being a spoiled brat, I am not and was not , never will be i came from a working middle class family, Hey my parents could have bought me a way more tun of stuff with that 24,000 a year.

    I personally don't like drugstore makeup, It clumps and it lumps bottom line on me, It looks terrible maybe on other people it looks good but i'd rather go to sephora and mac and go buy 200.00$ makeup, that statifys me, I still shop at normal clothing stores forever 21,juicy,ralph lauren,Abercrombie,Alloy,dehilas All those stores.

    Honestly, ( to the user above me) If you talked to everyone of those girls parents you would see how their struggling,Their working, And they really cant afford what their daughters buy.

    Source(s): There is no time for rant honey.
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    I totally agree. I'm 14 years old, and all the girls at my school are wearing Juicy Couture, and they all have their little matching Tiffany Lockets. They're all snobby rich girls, and it really makes me angry, and the Juicy sweatsuits, in my opinion look a little tacky. They all stench up the hallways with Chanel No. 5, and they look so airbrushed and fake with all of their expensive makeup. I'd rather shop at places like H&M and Forever 21 because it's waay cheaper, and lots of their stuff is pretty nice. And what's so bad about a tube of Covergirl mascara? So honestly I don't give a sh*t about all that designer stuff.

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    It just depends on what it is, but you make a really good point.

    Nice question.

    But, out of all the drugstore brands,

    i've not found a foundation that works half as good as MUFE HD.

    Not many drugstore foundations can match my complexion.

    Or perform as well as this.

    But MUFE HD foundation has too many color choices it is impossible NOT to find a color match. (=

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    People beleive that what celebs wear is the best

    It's weird

    cause theres nothing that special about them

    they are just people

    but they chose a diff lifestyle


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    too long to read

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