what are cornell notes?

what are cornell notes who made them and how do you do it.

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    Basically... you divide your note paper into three sections. A small section along the bottom (like a footnote,) and then for the rest of the paper, create a narrow strip and leave about 6" for your main notes.

    You take your notes in the largest section. Just take notes like you normally do; writing definitions, explanations, data, etc. as you go through a class. Try to keep it as neat and organized as possible.

    Then, after class, write questions and/or "cue phrases" along the margin (the thin section you created earlier.) For example, you might write a vocabulary word in the margin, next to its definition on the main notes.

    Now for the bottom section, you take a few minutes to summarize what you learned that day. Do this asap after the class is finished, that helps solidify the concepts in your brain.

    Check the link below for more info, or Google "cornell note taking."

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