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I want to create a pro website, I know the domain name I want. Now what?

I know I need a web host and a program to create the website, but can anyone suggest any great web hosting sites which provide an professional easy to use online website builder?? I don't want to use dreamweaver or frontpage because they are pretty confusing! P.S I want to have videos on my site.

Thankyou very much for your help


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    Well , there is hostgator , google host yahoo and godaddy.

    But the most recommended and best web host so far is ; Network Juice.

    They now offer plans starting around $0.99/mo for a great amount of diskspace plus everything else unlimited. Plus they've manage to keep up 99% Uptime.

    They have all features such as PHP5, java ,Cpanel , Fantastico ( allows you to auto install Blogging systems and CMS portals without wasting time) , Cron Job , Apache ,Unlimited Dadabase , ftp accounts and much more. Basically EVERYTHING! is supported.

    There are other affordable plans as well in is also a great host , but there Uptime time is not so good. Also , customer service is very poor , Not to many features are supported. not so sure , But i know there's lots of files they do not support , no Cpanel , and i don't know how come , but they have been receiving downtimes lately in their host servers.

    yahoo , let me just say it's the worst web host ever ,you can't even host the amount of domains you want to host . Including The downtime is way to much , and many files are un-compatible in fatcow for some reason.

    To buy a domain , the most recommended site is godaddy , but not for it's hosting!! I Tell you !!!.

    For a Great Affordable web host with maximum features , the most recommended web host is . ; Network Juice Hosting.

    You are getting your answers from an expert , and yes I have tried all these web host.

    That's all I got to say mate ;)

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    All sitebuilders allow you to do pretty much the same thing. Just about all of them will let you host videos, especially if you're streaming them from Youtube or Dailymotion.

    Both Yahoo and 1 and 1 both have online sitebuilders. I used 1 and 1 and didn't care for it much. It was way too slow and buggy. Though they have gotten better of was too late for me.

    Yahoo has an online and a desktop website builder. Both of them are pretty good, but depends on how much work you want to put into it. If you just want a nice looking template and want to focus on the business side of your website, then go with Yahoo's Site Solutions tool.

    But if you want more flexibility and control, Yahoo's sitebuilder tool is better, though requires a steeper learning curve. But even that has easy to use templates as well.

    An even better way is to get a CSS template, take the time to learn how to use it (about 2 days) and then use FTP to load everything to your webhosts server. It may sound complicated, but it really isn't.

    And the best overall solution is a company called Sitesell. It costs about $300 per year, but it will work. You can build a nice looking site, and get the tools to make it work.

    But if you can't go for that just yet, my suggestion is get a nice template and FTP everything. If you're not sure how that's done, go to my website and contact me, and I'll give you more detailed info.

    Source(s): Been making websites for a long time; some success and some failure.
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    I've built 5 websites with their Site Building tool, and their hosting starts from £2 per month, and you get £125 free advertising on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live (AdCentre).

    On the other hand - Frontpage really isn't confusing. If you researched 30 minutes on how to use it - I bet you you'll never regret those 30 minutes.

    Hope that helps.

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    I recommend one of these:

    Fatcow has the best offer right now, they have a limited time sale, hosting for $3.67/month ($44.00/year), and you get a free domain (like from them.

    Their hosting plan includes a great web builder, so you can create your site just by drag and drop (without any programming), or you could install Wordpress (easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

    P.S. All paid hosts support video, so that won't be a problem.

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    I suggest BlueHost. It was awarded best web host of the year.

    If you are worried about prices than this is surely a host for you; only $6.95 per month! (And now there is a discount for only $3.95!!)

    Free, easy online website builders are included.

    There is:

    Free Domain Forever

    Unlimited Space

    Unlimited Transfer

    Host UNLIMITED Domains (Support All International Domain Names)

    2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts

    SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats

    CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, PHP Nuke, MySQL

    Front Page Extensions, Mambo and Joomla, Apache

    Free Site Builder / Free Search Engine Submission / Fantastico Enabled

    It's excellent for all types of websites.

    Here, I am providing you with a link to a BlueHost review

    and bluehost's link

    PS: I'm sure you can have videos on your site with BlueHost.

    Source(s): I asked a similar question a while back and found out about this AMAZING host cheers ♥
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    Source(s): Editors: Free HTML Editors, Web Editors, and WYSIWYG Web Editors and Site Builders: HTML Editor Reviews - Free Online Editor Tool: Free Flash Website Builder (Online): PageBreeze (Free visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes): Notepad++ (Free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages): Serif WebPlus SE: Download Trellian WebPage (Free): Mac users might want to download BBedit Lite, a more powerful, and free mac text editor: Videos are no problem. Just be sure to upload the video files and use the right media codes to run them. Ron
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    Those 3 are the website builders I commonly use, and pretty easy. Just google the websites if you want one of them.

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    Check out

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    Now a days most webmasters are using WHP because less expensive and reliable service



    Good luck.

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