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Why are muslims afraid of 911 backlash when they are in liberal big cities?

NEW YORK (AP) -- There is the dread of leaving the house that morning. People might stare, or worse, yell insults.

Prayers are more intense, visits with family longer. Mosques become a refuge.

Eight years after 9/11, many U.S. Muslims still struggle through the anniversary of the attacks. Yes, the sting has lessened. For the younger generation of Muslims, the tragedy can even seem like a distant memory. "Time marches on," said Souha Azmeh Al-Samkari, a 22-year-old student at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Yet, many American Muslims say Sept. 11 will never be routine, no matter how many anniversaries have passed.

Sarah Sayeed, who lives in the Bronx, said that for a long time, she hesitated before going out on the anniversary. The morning the World Trade Center crumbled, she rushed to her son's Islamic day school so they could both return home. The other women there warned that she should take off her headscarf, or hijab, for her own safety. She now attends an interfaith prayer event each Sept. 11, keeping her hair covered as always.

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    It's a shame we keep up religious steryotypes, blaming an entire religion for the acts of a very small minority

  • Nowadays it is unpatriotic to wave the American flag so I don't know why these people are so concerned....

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    I guess your post answers your question, or did you not read it??

    Answer..Ignorant Americans.

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