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When should I play songs over speakers at a high school football game?

I run the sound system at my High School's football games. We play popular music during timeouts, in between plays, and at quarter and half ends. The list of songs listed below are the songs in which we currently have. Could anybody tell me which songs are good when (like at halftime, end of first when we are losing, end of third when it's tied, etc.) I have the next game tomorrow, so I need to know soon. Also, if you want to post any suggestions for additional songs, you can, but we are a Lutheran school, so we won't be playing anything with cuss words or anything of that nature. Our Fight Song, the Michigan State University fight song (too bad it's not the Victors, a song of a real team...) is played after a touchdown and a big play. But if there are two consecutive big plays that are not touchdowns, then we would need a song there. The person who gives the most information first will get 10 points (if you give additional songs, that makes you the winner). If you don't want to respond to all of these songs, the list is pretty big, you have to give information to all of the songs with an asterisk (*) to be in the running for the 10 points.

The list of songs:

Dude (looks like a lady)

Takin' care of Business*

Walk like an Egyptian

Mony Mony

Boom Pow-Pow

I gotta feeling

Lets get it started (radio version)*

(Don't Fear) The Reaper*

Hollywood Nights

Old Time Rock N' Roll*

Livin' on a Prayer*

Born in the USA

Glory Days

Summer of '69*

Gonna make you sweat


Let's Groove

You Dropped a bomb on me*


Rock and Roll, pt 2

Some kind of wonderful*

R.O.C.K. in the USA


La Bamba


Sweet Home Alabama*

U can't touch this

Don't Stop til you Get Enough*

Off the Wall (Single version)

Shake your Body (down to the ground)

The Way you Move (Radio version)

Baby I'm a Star

We will Rock You*

What I like about you*

Too much time on my hands

Eye of the Tiger*

Whoomp! (There it is) (Radio)*

Too much Time on my hands


Ice Ice baby*

Gettin' Jiggy with it

La Grange

Hold on Loosley

Sharp Dressed Man

Michigan State University fight song (our school's fight song)


Great advice, and I will keep all of that in mind.

For the last answerer, the whole point of playing music is to entertain the crowd during timeouts and in between the plays. Normally our band will play it, and being the 1st chair tuba player (as well as the only tuba player), I can tell you that music is very important. I was unable to run the speakers (which is what I do when the band doesn't play), and the coach was the first one to complain to our announcer. He said that the music helps motivate the players a little bit more.

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    It doesn't matter.

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    When your winning play "I got a feeling" ( that tonight's gonna be a good nite) by the Black Eye Peas. Will pump everyone up. When your about to score Play Don't Stop Til you get enough. When you score play Sweet Home Alabama. Time out (anyones) "Lets Groove Tonight"

    Source(s): I ran our music at our football games :) but we had a better selection lol
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    1st time out play we will rock you

    If you inroduce the other teams cheerleaders you could play dude looks like a lady but that is probably pushin it!!

    I think if your winning at half time play you cant touch this!!!!

    Thats a few suggestions for ya hope they help some!

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    Not at all. The PA announcer is enough. The players and coaches want to be able to hear one another--they do discuss strategy and the noise, yes NOISE, would be stopped if I was coaching. The athletic director would hear about first thing in the morning after the game.

    I know the thumbs down are coming, but it is a game, not a party or rock concert.

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    Till I Collapse - Eminem This Is Our House - Bon Jovi

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    play livin on a prayer when yur losing at half time,k?

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