How did Glen Johnson do last night?

Was he terrible defensively? I recall him putting in a good defensive header, getting a few good mentions from the commentators.

What are your opinions about his performance last night?


Yeah it totally wasnt him who got the header in which stopped Eduardo from scoring. Also ignoring some tackles he made. He totally cant defend FACT cause FACT makes it all true

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    He has been targeted by the English press and they will not let go until he either gets dropped from the team or becomes the perfect little defender. It's the typical English mentality.

    In reality he had a great game - he set up Lennon with a beautiful ball to win the penalty, assisted Lampard with an awesome run & cross, and put in a number of strong tackles and headed clearances - which haven't been acknowledged at all by most. His positioning was almost spot on too. It's just a shame he couldn't stop the cross leading up to Croatia's goal, but it certainly wasn't entirely his fault.

    Edit: Example - Johnson wins ball ahead of Eduardo to prevent certain Croatia goal. John Terry does that and "He did well, he prevented a certain goal. Good show!" Glen Johnson does that and it's "He could have given away a penalty, what dodgy defending! Poor show!"

    UWS: "First against Slovenia and then Croatia." That is not "over and over again". That's twice - count it. One, two...twice.

    "Decent going forward". Six assists in his last four competitive England matches. Two goals and two assists in his first four Premier League matches. That is not decent, that is world class.

    "He is England's best right-back until Wes Brown returns." Wes Brown is not in the same class, and you know it.

  • Out of 10 I'll give him a 7 on performance.

    Firstly he has to know how to deal with crosses, same mistake over and over again...against Slovenia and now Croatia. He simply can't allow the player time to cross and cut in and that is exactly what happened with the goals Slovenia and Croatia scored. I agree, he is decent going forward but defensively he can be a mess sometimes. He almost gave away a penalty but got cannot simply jump on top of a player to head the ball away. He is England's best right-back until Wes Brown returns.

    Ecstatic: Ok, I agree I am being too harsh on him, but he is improving and set to be England's best right-back. Don't hate me for saying negative things about Glen Johnson, I'm just voicing my opinions.

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    Croatia was without a LB so he didn't have very hard job, there was always an empty space on out left side. lol it was really funny at the times when I realized how weak our left side really is.... a player like Messi or C.Ronalda would probably score 5 goals by himself and make another 3 assists last night:)

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    He did well again created a goal for Lampard, generally good attacking, not bad defending and if he keeps it up he'll have no trouble keeping his starting 11 spot.

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    he was solid... made 2 mistakes in defence but as far as I'm concerned he deserves his place and the rest of his game was good...

    He will get better and better under Rafa and capello

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    1 decade ago

    He likes defending so he put some defending in his defending so he defended whilst he defended

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    he played alright, but as always all the manc's and every1 will focus on how shite his defending was... he did set up lampard though.

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    1 decade ago

    Well he was bloody brilliant ...

    I should get the BA

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    i think he was quite decent last night, not because i'm being biased, he really was good

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    he had a decent game, me thinks

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