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Could Russia ever become unstable to the point of a full preeminent attack on the United States?

So apperantly the Russian presence in the carribean has started to exceed the initial plans for the Russia/Venezuala military excersises, including several submarines, warships, bombers etc. The Bush administration and plans with Poland for an arsenal of nuclear war heads in the far east, Putin responded a 100% chance of a nuclear strike on those defense systems if they are constructed. Another thing to ad is near the beginning of summer there was a stand off in the pacific that involved A US ship near Chinese waters with Russian bombers and jets flying circles and assaulting the ship by flying down very close. These things, in my opinion should be taken so lightly. I think we are entering a hot war, I beleive an event will occur soon that is going to set a new apprehencive new approach for the US and the international community.

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    Anything is possible, but if Kennedy v. Khrushchev didn't start a war, I don't find any Obama v. Medvedev controversy to be much of a threat. Moving ships around and holding exercises is just what militaries do to show-off and keep themselves fit. Russia only ordered theirs because they were incredibly irked when Bush abrogated the ABM treaty and allowed Georgia to invade a Russian protectorate.

    Tests have shown, the missile system they proposed in Poland doesn't work and if it did, they'd need to put them a lot closer to Iran to do any good. Since Iran is a long way from creating any nuclear ICBMs, one can only assume that the whole eastern european US missile thing was just a Bush/Cheney plot to restart the cold war to make a lot of money for their friends in the defense industry.

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    No considering the fact that there's no will in Russia to invade America. Russians for essentially the most side like and appreciate Americans. They are possibly naive approximately the 'American Dream'. They see America as a country wealthy past their wildest desires, a country in which nearly every body ownes a auto, a residence, eats good and will Travel in which they desire to.

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    The last thing you need in a situation where world war could occur is a President that cant keep a promise or make a decision! Alaska continues to have all its troops overseas dying, instead of watching our shores!

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    You can't attack all the Trident Nuclear Submarines hidden in the deep ocean all around the world and not expect the return of fire.

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    Yep, and with Obama in charge, and stepping up to be the new chair of the UN security council... America will stop feeling as safe as it once did.

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    actually that's pre-emptive attack not pre-eminent

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