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An Education in Alternative Medicine (chinese, naturopathic..ETC)?

I am highly interested in Naturopathy, Herbology, Holistic Nutrition.. the whole Alternative Medicine area. I would like to study chinese medicine because the schools cover all that I am interested in and are usually accredited. However, I have essential tremors that would prevent me from performing safe acupuncture, which plays a major role in chinese medicine and would be hard to bypass. So it looks like a Chinese Medicine education is out of the question for me : (. I have looked into Naturopathic Schools but in many states it is illegal, including my own. Alternative medicine is definitely something I would like to pursue in but I definitely want a full accredited title with hands on experience. Any advice?

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    There is a degree called MH Master Herbologist (I think that is what it is). And they do teach acupuncture at naturopathic schools. You could get an RN degree and then get training in herbology, homeopathy, etc. People tend to take you more seriously if you have a western degree in addition to the natural medicine one.

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    You really need to look WAY into the future. Wasting your money on a course that isn't worth the paper it's printed on will be a poor start in life.

    Alt med people just pick it up from a book (it's all made up after all) so there's no way you could get it wrong!

    'Accredited' means nothing in alt med, but everything with traditional education. Go to a proper college and learn a proper subject. You'll then have something to fall back on when you are unable to find employment. By all means do alt med stuff later if you want to, but don't pin your hopes on a subject that consists of folklore and myths.

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    How about massage therapist, reflexologist and reiki ?

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