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colorado rockies loaded with position players: what are their roles next year?

catcher: chris iannetta is one of the better hitting catchers in MLB. former starter torrealba is also decent. not much problem here.

1st base: todd helton, in the middle of a vintage season, is the unquestioned starter. jason giambi probably won't be back next year. garrett atkins could play here when helton needs a day off.

2nd base: clint barmes is the current starter. and with 22 homers already, you can't really justify benching him. jeff baker is already dealt to clear the logjam, which now seems like a mistake. eric young jr. would probably make a run at this position next year. current starting 3rd baseman ian stewart used to play here too until garrett atkins completely fell off this year. omar quintanilla hasn't demonstrate he is capable to hit the major league level.

SS: troy tulowitzki is the unquestioned starter. clint barmes can also get time here. quintanilla is just a utility, defensive replacement nowadays.

3rd base: ian stewart is the current starter, but he could move elsewhere if garrett atkins ever redisvoer his stroke. barmes and quintanilla are also capable of fielding this position.

centerfield: who is the future? dexter fowler, carlos gonzalez, or eric young jr? Ryan Spilborghs is in the mix as well. he was awesome the last 2 years, but is having a down season.

rightfield: brad hawpe is probably the everyday rightfielder for now. but if he ever struggles, there are a slew of other options: namely carlos gonzalez, ryan spilborghs, and matt murton (who regrettably spent most of the year at triple-a even though he could probably start for a lot of teams) heck, ian stewart is also in the picture.

leftfield: seth smith is having an incredible season (coors effect), but isn't playing everyday. again, carlos gonzalez, spilborghs, stewart, and murton could all see time here.

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    Here's my projected outlook of the Rockies heading toward 2010...

    C: Chris Iannetta is the unquestionable starter for the Rockies, who also heading toward his first arbritration hearing this offseason. The Rockies might try to make him a contract offer before hand, like they did with Tulowitzki and Hawpe, or take him to arbritration court if they can't agree with numbers, whichever they want to do with him. Yorvit Torrealba might not be a Rockies, considering that he has a mutual option for 2010 that would cost the Rockies $4 million if he stays, as there are cheaper options in the market (Jason Kendall, Josh Bard, among others) for a backup or have Paul Phillips as his primary backup.

    1B: Todd Helton is basically "lock" at 1B unless they can trade him for something. Of course, there looking forward to 2012, when the club option kicks in and are expected to buy him out at that point. Giambi would be costly because he has a 2010 option for $6.5 million, which the Rockies are expect to decline.

    2B: Clint Barmes is also heading toward another arbritration year, so he looks like he staying at 2B. Omar Quintanilla will probably be his primary backup heading toward next season.

    SS: Troy Tulowitzki is "lock" in as the starter. Quntanilla looks to have time over there but Hector Gomez or Chris Nelson could see time at this position.

    3B: It looks like it going to be a competition between Ian Stewart and Garett Atkins for third base. However, Atkins looks to be on the trading block, considering that's he a year away from his first try at Free Agency. If Atkins is traded, then Stewart is the unquestionable starter, but he has to be better at the plate despite his 23 HR.

    OF: If I had to predict the 2010 Opening Day starting OF, it would have Brad Hawpe, Carlos Gonzalez, and Dexter Fowler. Hawpe is there prover slugger, so he's locked in at RF. Gonzalez, who was the main player in the Matt Holliday trade, could wind up at CF again. Fowler is their top prospects, so there giving him every chance to start in 2010 at LF. If either 3 fails at some point, they do have a lot of options as you stated.

    SP: The projected rotation could have Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, Jorge De la Rosa, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Jason Hammel to start 2010. I just don't see Jason Marquis resigning with Colorado after a solid season, as he could be costly in the market. They also don't really need Jose Contreras next season.

    RP: Huston Street looks to be the closer for another year with Manuel Corpas as his set-up man. Most of the relievers will probably be back next season, so I don't see any changes.

    Of course, Jim Tracy will have a new contract by the Rockies and will officially remove the title "interm" while also resigning GM Dan O' Dowd to a new contract also.

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